Thursday, 6 March 2008

Watch Out, The Watchmen Are Coming!

So, who really watches the Watchmen?

Me, for on. Yes, I'm one of those suckers who are actually looking forward to watching the Watchmen when the movie comes out next year (3rd June 2009, to be exact).

Sure, Zack "300" Snyder is not exactly a popular choice by some to adapt what is widely regarded as Alan Moore's greatest ever creation (don't know what it's about? Go Wiki it), but heck, I'm just gonna take a 'let's wait and see and hopefully I'll be at least entertained' stance towards the film.

Anyway, shooting has wrapped on the film, and it's currently in post-production. And the movie's official blog has also released pictures of five of the main characters in the upcoming movie. Here they are, and what I think of them...


Nite Owl

Oh dear.... looks kinda like Batman, doesn't he? Well, he IS supposed to be some sort of Batman-like character with all sorts of gadgets and vehicles and no superpowers of his own. but he was a little more... er.. portly, and his costume looked a little bit more... owlish. here, he just looks like he borrowed a costume from Wayne Manor.

Sure, it DOES look good, and the Owl Ship in the background looks awesome (so far)... but still... besides, somehow he looks a little too buff for my liking as well...


Silk Spectre

Oh dear oh dear. Poor Silk Spectre is not looking good at all. Amybe it's just that pose, but the costume looks a little odd to me. Doesn't even look like she's wearing anything, actually... I know she always complains about her costume being too skimpy in the comic, and based on this picture, the movie DOES give her a lot more reason to complain...

Not that all those horny geeks around the world will be complaining though...



Looks like he went to Wayne Manor and found Robin's costume from Batman & Robin. NOT a good thing. Oh well, at least the actor they found actually LOOKS like the Ozymandias in the comic. But what's with all the black in the costumes, eh Zack? Trying to do an 'X-Men' ar?


The Comedian

The Comedian actually looks a lot more kickass than any of the Punishers we've had. And he looks EXACTLY like he does in the comic. Which is good.



Ah yes... the enigmatic Rorscharch. Surely they couldn't get THIS costume wrong? And thankfully, they don't. Now it remains to be seen if he remains the same, badass 'hero' that he is in the comic...

Now, all we need now is a nice little picture of Dr. Manhattan....

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