Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Watch The Spiderwick Chronicles and Restore Your Faith in Fantasy Films!!

The Spiderwick Chronicles.
Not a Review.
Surprisingly good.
Actually, lemme rephrase that.
It's surprisingly VERY good.
It's surprising because it's by Nickelodean
Who always make really dumb slapstick kiddy stuff,
And it's also surprising because it's based on a kid's fantasy book,
And yet it doesn't suck like the past few ones have.
In fact, it's very very good.
I haven't read the book so I donno how good is the adaptation,
But as a movie, it's pretty damn good.
After watching I immediately went and bought the book.

That Freddie Highmore kid not bad.
Last time I saw him he got a Chocolate Factory,
This time can play twins samore.
Oh wait, Lindsay did that before too,
So it's not really a big deal.
But he was good here.
Oooh look, it's that mean dude from Bourne Ultimatum.
I thought he was Dustin Hoffman.
And look at all the big names involved,
Nick Nolte! Seth Rogen! and er... Martin Short.
The mom's a bit whiny though.
I wanted to slap her everytime she yelled.

Ooooh, Sprites! Sylph! (Pretty!)
Hobgoblin! (Ooooh! Birdie! Yumyum!)
A Brownie named Thimbletack (cute little bugger!)
Griffin! (Cooler than Haryr's Hippogriff!)
Trolls! Goblins! (Ugly little buggers!)
Ugly badguy Orge! (BOO! HISS! Nick Nolte!)
Woohoo! This is my favorite fantasy movie since...
Since... er... The Lord of the Rings?
Wow, it's been THAT long, huh?
Oh wait, there was Stardust too.
But that's different.
I think.

Compared to other kiddie fantasy book adaptations,
It's more exciting than most of the Harry Potter movies.
And WAY WAY WAY better than that Golden Compass crap.
Or that bloody Stinker and Essragon movies combined.
It doesn't try too hard,
It's believable, fun, exciting, and smart.
It's still a kiddy film,
But it doesn't try to dumb things down TOO much.
Go watch it,
And have your faith in fantasy films restored!
(At least until Prince Caspian sends it crashing down again...)

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