Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Who Is Horton and What Is a Who?

Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who?
Not a Review, doo di doo.
What, you donno who is Dr. Seuss?
May you be smote by lightning thrown by Zeus.
For Dr. Seuss is the rhyming charming creator,
Of magical worlds far greater than Harry Potter.
About time they made a cartoon out of Dr. Seuss.
And it's better than that silly flick with a moose.
The Grinch Was like an annoyingly bad pinch,
The Cat in a Hat really was THAT bad.
I thanked Hollywood for making this movie,
Until I found out it stars Jim Carrey.
At least it doesn't have Mike Myers,
But that American Office dude plays the mayor.

It started off so good,
This movie that was as it should,
But all was not well,
When the plot began to swell.
It was fine when Horton met the Whos,
But not when we met the kangaroos.
From there onwards it went downwards,
Sometimes going forth, most times backwards.
It had moments that were fun and exciting,
And some that were clich├ęd and downright boring.
From the makers of Ice Age, they trumpeted,
But the movie was a complete muppet.

Thank goodness then for the little Whos,
Who (pun intended) save it from even more woe.
For when the Whos were on the screen,
You thought of what really might have been.
When they show the village, take a closer look,
It looks like it actually jumped out from the book.
Those moments were truly Dr Seuss brought to live,
Until the elephant and friends began to jive.
If not for the Whos the movie would have slumped,
The the depths of a bottomless rubbish dump.
My rhyming is getting worse and worse,
So I'll spare you more torture by ending with this verse.

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