Tuesday, 25 March 2008

You're a Celebrity? So Fucking What?

One man's celebrity is another man's blah.

I used to dream of meeting celebrities. I wanted to meet the hot actresses and singers especially, because well, they were hot. I also wanted to meet my heroes such as Beyond, Jacky Cheung and so on. What I'd have done if I'd had met them then, I don't know. But I wanted to meet them.

Then, something funny happened. I got this job, and all of a sudden, meeting celebrities didn't seem like much fun anymore. It was just part of the job. And as many as I've met already, it's still not as many as some of my colleagues have met, and some of them have met even bigger names than I have (mine are mostly from Asia, sien).

The thing is... celebrity really doesn't mean much to me anymore. People have come up to me saying they know or met so and so before, but I'm usually like... yeah, so? You see, when you've peed next to Jackie Chan before (yes, I've done that haha, don't ask, and no I didn't try to take a peek), you sorta realise that celebrity is just a name we give people who are slightly more well-known, and that they are just ORDINARY PEOPLE, just like you and me.

Sure, people scream their name everywhere they go, and they have a lot more money than we do, but hey, the guys still pee standing up, and the girls are still prone to weak knees when it comes to sweet-talking jocks like Edison Chen (heh).

Yes, I still get reduced to being a fervent groupie/fanboy at times (though not as often as Reta ngehehe), especially the times I actually got to meet and talk to the remaining members of Beyond (and even taking a picture with them), meeting Jet Li, the guys from Coldplay (Chris Martin's pretty cool), and going out of my way just to see my childhood crush Vivian Chow (who is now old and isn't that hot anymore, sien); and I still dream of one day getting to interview people like Terry Pratchett, the guys at Pixar and so on. What I'll say when I do meet them, I still don't know.

As for local celebrities, sorrylar, I wouldn't recognise a local celebrity if they came up to me and slapped me in the face. The only ones I'd probably recognise would be the hot ones like Marion Caunter and so on, and even then it's because they're hot.

And blog celebs? HAH! Please lar. Some aren't even that good in the first place, some got popular by flashing a lot of cleavage and posting the pictures on their blog, and some have gotten popular because they were featured in some stupid mainstream newspaper by some silly journalist who really should have gotten hotter chicks for the cover hehehehegyahahahaha.

I'm not dissing ALL popular bloggers though. Some are nice. some are fun to hang out with. And some really are hot enough to be famous (and should be!). But then again, for every Suanie out there there is also some other thick-skinned jumping jackass who thinks he is popular enough to gatecrash a pyjama party he was not even invited to in the first place.

Anyway, where am I going with this? Nowhere whatsoever. I'm just musing aloud and showing off at the same time. Isn't that what blogs are for these days? To brag to the world that you took a picture with this famous gal, or touched this famous blogger's hand, or sing your praises of a certain blogger's lame jokes? Because that's what I'm doing now, aren't I? Cool, I'm a real blogger now! I wonder when Kenny's gonna link me OMG WTF BBQ.

Please lah. I'd settle for sharing a beer with Suanie or Fireangel over going to some overcrowded shopping complex just to see Wang Lee Hom in the flesh for five minutes.

Now excuse me while I go and bask in my aura of arrogant and smug superiority.

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