Tuesday, 15 April 2008

10 Reasons Why Eyeris is Better Than Kennysia

Fireangel: Oi go back and update your blog, I'm bored and need something to read.
Eyeris: But I don't know what to update about...
Fireangel: I don't care, make something up like "10 reasons why your blog is better than Kenny Sia's"....

Well, ask and yer shall receive, I always say. Hehehe. And remember, in case I get any Kenny-loving flamers for this post, IT WAS ALL FA'S IDEA, OK?

:D :D :D


10 Reasons Why Eyeris is Better Than Kennysia.com

  1. I don't have any reasons for people to come up with posts that have ten reasons on why they are better than I am.

  2. I'm always better looking than he is because you never know what I look like. Ahahaha.

  3. I don't have coconuts for balls. As FA puts it so eloquently, "Who wants to go out with someone with coconuts for balls anyway?" Ahahaha. Which brings me to...

  4. I have regular lunch dates with Fireangel! Woot! Who wants to touch me??!?!???

  5. I don't have little children reading my blog so I can blog all I want about GROWN-UP stuff like coffee, alcohol, hot chicks, and toys... er.... ok scratch that last one. Besides,I'm the only blogger around who can NOT review a movie and still be called a movie reviewer. Ahaha.

  6. I update faster and a lot more often than he does, so my readers have new things to read everyday! (well, ALMOST everyday anyway. And this is probably because I spend a lot more time online surfing po... er.. DOING RESEARCH than he does, but I'm still better!)

  7. I don't have to resort to covert 'April's Fool!' tactics when I want to taruh my readers (probably also because I don't have that many readers in the first place but what the hey...)

  8. I don't have dumbass readers who spam my comment box with "FIRST!" "SECOND!" "OMG I THOUGHT I WAS FIRST BUT I'M THIRD!" (though I'm usually happy to get ANY SORT of comments at all in the first place... hehe)

  9. I have stunt doubles like Darth Tater and Optimash Prime to do the dirty work for me, so I don't have to torture my readers with disturbing pictures of my beer belly or hairy legs.

  10. I was the one to who got him featured in a newspaper for the first time EVER!! Ahahaha. Fooyor I so proud. Who wants to touch me (again)? :D :D :D

Well, that's all I can think of. Now it's YOUR TURN! Tell me, why is Eyeris beter than Kennysia? And be nice, ok? Ahahaha.

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