Friday, 4 April 2008

iHate Herd-Mentality iPhone Lovers

Friend: Haiyar why you get iPod Touch? Should get iPhone mar! See, mine so canggih.
Me: Yalar yalar. So cool. So how many songs you can fit in there?
Friend: I donno, I don't use it to listen to songs.
Me: Video leh?
Friend: Donno, I donno how to use iTunes to load them in.
Me: Then what you get iPhone for lar?
Friend: Everybody else got one mar.

WTF. So YOU think I shouldn't have wasted my money (even though I didn't pay anything for it) on the iPod Touch when I should have gotten an iPhone instead, eh? Well, why spend money on a freaking phone that doubles as a super-canggih iPod and PDA when you don't even use the super-canggih iPod function?

Me, I'm happy with my iPod that has earbuds that are permanently fused to my ears, AND my fully functional phone that can call, SMS and even has a built-in flashlight. Yes, I carry two gadgets around when I could get an iPhone and just carry ONE gadget around... but at least I USE my iPod for what it's made for and not just because it's the IN-THING to have. So there!

So yeah, SCREW all that peer pressure shit. You can keep your sodding iPhones that you don't even use as iPods and just let me have some peace of mind playing with my iPod Touch, ok?

And while I'm at it, who cares if my phone got no video, no camera, no music funciton, no 3456G, no polyphonic ringtone what-not...



PS: Yes I'm aware that my arguments don't exactly hold much water. so sue me.
PPS: No, Tim, this post is not about you. hahahaha.

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