Tuesday, 8 April 2008

No Country for Old Men Is No Movie For Young Kids

No Country For Old Men.
No review For EoE readers.
No movie for young kids.
No laughs for Sandler-fans,
No action for Ah Bengs,
No violence for Rambo-lovers,
No cleavage for old perverts,
No six-packs for Spartan-lovers,
No fun for mindless-movie-outings.

So many 'no's what else is there?
A lot, actually.
It's a damn good movie.
Plenty of quirky conversations,
Good acting, good direction,
Lots of subtle nice touches everywhere,
Some violence that is not TOO in your face,
A lot of underlying tension and suspence...
It deserves its Best Picture Oscar.

I still like There Will Be Blood more though.
But not by much.
It's not AS slow as There Will Be Blood,
But it's still no movie for mindless outings.
The acting was bloody brilliant though.
Not in Daniel Day-Lewis territory,
But still bloody (hey a pun!) brilliant.
Josh Brolin and Tommy Lee Jones were damn good.
I like Tommy here.
Old, and crusty, but still sharp as a knife.
Good lines too.

But Javier Bardem thoroughly deserves his Oscar,
And so did his weird haircut.
I was more scared of his sneer,
Than any monster/vampire/orc/zombie I'd ever seen.
He'd have made mincemeat out of Hannibal Lecter,
Mostly because he wouldn't have talked so much.
And just shot Hannibal with his airgun.

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