Sunday, 6 April 2008

Eyeris Gets The Perfect iPhone!!!!

Yes, yes, despite all the complaining I did in the last post, and despite Boss Stewie's valiant efforts to discourage people from getting the iPhone, I finally succumbed to peer pressure and got an iPhone as well.

Only, MY iPhone is the best one EVER MADE. If there were an example of a perfect iPhone, this would be it. You see, mine has ALL the functions that Tim says his doesn't (go here to see his complaints about HIS sucky iPhone), AND I've even got a few extra features to boot.


The Special Limited Edition Eyeris iPhone!!!!!


... marrying the ingenius technologies of Nokia and Apple together with a good old-fashioned rubber band!

To me, this is the perfect iPhone. It's got all the great features of an iPod touch which I use to listen to music to, AND I can use it as a phone to call and SMS easily!

That's not all! MY iPhone can...

1) Search for contacts with a click of a button.
2) SMS just like any other phone (without having to wait nine seconds for the SMS applicatio nto open)
3) Doesn't cost me RM1500 just to download my emails.
4) Allows me to listen to songs AND make phone calls AT THE SAME TIME

and best of all....


See? Even Optimash Prime approves!

My iPhone PWNS YOUR iPhone, Tim! :D :D :D :D


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