Thursday, 3 April 2008

Pastel-Colored Indie Eccentricities and Dance Dementia

Last year I got my full dose of trippy indie pop eccentricities via one album - Of Montreal's Hissing Fauna Are You The Destroyer (reading the title still makes me feel trippy). This year, the pickings have been slightly leaner, but two albums have managed to fill the void halfway, so far.

Fisrt up, HOT CHIP's Made in The Dark. It's not exactly dance music, it's not exactly indie pop, heck it's even got some nice little ballads in it. How's THAT foe strange, huh? Well you ain't heard nothing yet. If you manage to, go get the song WRESTLERS. It's the strangest, most warped little 'ballad' I've ever heard, what with suplexes, cage matches, chokeslams and learning everything I know from wrestling. Odd, but incredibly addictive. Oh, and Ready For The Floor and the title track are not half bad either.

Then there's Magnetic Fields, who's album Distortions has another weird little ditty called Too Drunk To Dream, which has the line "Sober, nobody wants you; Shit-faced, they're all undressing." The most awesome ode to alcohol ever IMHO. the rest of it is so-so as well, though none really stood out as much as Too Drunk to Dream.

Another nice little album with a nice pastel-coloured cover is Say Hi's (formerly Say Hi to Your Mom) album The Wishes and the Glitch. It's not too bad after the first few listens, but I'll need to listen to it more carefully if I wanna talk about it here more, so I won't talk about it anymore. so there.

And finally, to round up the eccentric dance/indie/hip-hop selection of pastel-coloured album covered records, it's that behemoth Gnarls Barkley's The Odd Couple. Going On is the most addictive dance track I've heard so far this year, and it never fails to get me nodding my head everytime I hear it. Run is not bad either, and most of the songs are filled with great catchy hooks. Nothing as big as Crazy, mind you, but it's decent.

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