Thursday, 17 April 2008

The Post with No Point

I have a whole new Movie Not Review nicely written and ready to be published.... but I can't because everyone who saw the movie kena embargo and kenot publish anything about it until tomorrow 8am. Sien. And it was a brilliant Non-review too. Oh well.

If there's one thing I've noticed about my life these days, it's that I've been spending way too much time in shopping malls. And before you ask, NO I am not in Singapore. I mean I really do spend damn a lot of time in shopping malls. If I wanna work somewhere outside home and the office, I go to a shopping mall. If I wanna watch a movie, I go to a shopping mall. All the places I hang out in seem to be in a shopping mall. I even schedule my interviews in cafes in shopping malls sometimes. Heck, I even have (ok, officialy HAD as of two minutes ago) a playlist on my iPod titled "Shopping Mall".

Anyway, the point of me point this out is that I was sitting in this shopping mall right now typing furiously and trying to meet my deadlines, when I had an epiphany: I spend way too much time in shopping malls. Which is to say there really is no point to this point to this post except to allow me to type out some thoughts that were running through my head so that they have somewhere to reside other than inside my head and so I'm freewriting them down here because I don't want to keep thinking about them while I'm working. So there.

But it's also because I already had this great idea for a Movie Not-Review about a certain movie with two J's in them but I can't post about it until tomorrow morning 8am. Bah. So here I was with nothing to post about except this pile of gibberish freewriting that makes you as sucker for reading it because I have said nothing whatsoever in here besides what I was thinking about and what I feel like right now, and also I needed somewhere to let those rambling thoughts reside while I sort them out.

Wait, isn't that what blogs used to be for? For speaking your mind? To write things down? You mean blogs back then had no pictures? You mean there were no ads in blogs before this? You mean the point of blogging is not to be famous? You mean 'blogger' is not a real title?

OMG what zaman I come from har? Suan? Jayelle? Anyone?

And no, that last bit was still not the point of this post.

Bah humbug.

Now shoo I've got those wandering thoughts out of my head and I must work now.

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