Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Reimagining Alternative Books In The Artsy City

Heads up people, there're some kinda sorta interesting events coming up that might interest you if you are into:

1) Artsy stuff
2) Creative stuff
3) Bookish stuff

And yeah, I'll probably be turning up for these two events as well, so if you know me see ya there!



Dates: April 5 & 6 2008
Locations: Zouk KL & The Annexe, Central Market
More Info: Visit the website HERE.

RE-IMAGINING THE CITY focuses on our shared urban future through the eyes of designers, architects, film makers and creatives. Curated by the British Council and onedotzero, Re-Imagining the City is part of CREATIVE CITIES, a cultural and artistic project promoting global citizenship across East Asia.

Through two days of films, visual art and sound, discussion and on the city we inhabit, featuring UK and Malaysian creatives, we will explore the role artists play in how cities are planned and experienced and how they help us understand our surroundings as we view the city through their eyes.


Kuala Lumpur Alternative Book Festival (KLAB)

Dates: May 3 & 4 2008
Location: The Annexe Central Market

More Info: email Amir Muhammad, Zulhabri, Dina Zaman

KLAB, or the Kuala Lumpur Alternative Book Festival, is where book lovers, hipsters, politicos, film-makers, anyone who's anyone who love books which feed the mind and soul and champion causes, gather.

SID. Silverfish Books. Gerak Budaya. Matahari Books. Suara-Suara. KiniBooks. These are some of the few names you'll see at KLAB. 13 to 15 stalls selling books you must get.

Book Giveaway - have books to give away for free? Unload them here. And those who want free books, you're limited to only three.


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