Monday, 28 April 2008

Starting The Day With a Some Panic and Bones

8:00am - Wake up. Snoozzzzzzzzeeeeeeeee

8:35am - Wake up again. Drag myself out of bed, brush teeth.

8:45am - Take out mobile phone and place it in most strategic location in house (Read: The only place where I can actually GET bloody Maxis reception in my house. And even then, only two bars.

8:55am - Still waiting for the call.

9:00am - Ring ring! "Hello, is this eyeris? We're patching you through to the conference call"

9:10am - "Hi everyone, we've got Emily on the line." "Hi Emily!"

9:15am - Toot Toot Tooooooooooooooot.... ARGH! It's my turn! I haven't asked asked my question yet!!!!! Don't get disconnected.... NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

9:16am - Runs around panicking.

9:17am - Runs into car outside, gets in the back seat and wait for then to call back. Four Bars should be ok right?

9: 20am - Sitting inside back seat of car in shorts and t-shirt. Talking to Emily Deschanel aka. Temperence "Bones" Brennan.

What a way to start a Monday morning, huh?

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