Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Why Do You People Bother Watching That Drivel?

There are two shows I swore I would never blog about in this period of time when blog obsession for these two shows are at a frenzied height currently:

1) That damn all-singing, all-dancing, reality show where fame-chasing wannabes go to become potential Grammy-winning superstars or potential washouts and are judged by three judges, one of which is the most annoying, weak, fake, and lame-ass 'judge' ever (judging by her OWN 'comeback' performance in one episode I was unfortunate enough to catch in the office, I say people should be given an option to vote HER off instead); and where the winner is determined not by how well he or she sings but how cute their smile is (see how a certain contestant in the current season steamrolled half the competition based on his smile alone), how big their boobs are (whether male or female, see season 2, buek!), as voted for by millions of suckers who think nothing of spending their parent's money on calling and texting in their votes by the dozens.

2) That silly pagaent-cum-popularity-contest-cum-crap-ass-production where 12 girls were chosen to kononnya represent the pinnacle of beauty of Malaysian women and to parade around and take amateurish pictures while sporting lousy hairstyles and wearing strange godawful-ly ugly outfits disguised as 'fashion creations', or almost nothing at all (which I must admit was the one plus point of the whole damn thing); when most of them are not even worthy of appearing in my NIGHTMARES, let alone the collective dreams of Malaysian men (unless they're nightmares, hey, would you REALLY want to go out with a GIRL, not a woman, mind; who runs to daddy everytime she needs something?). There are a lot of hotter girls out there, dumbasses, stop obsessing over the vainpots in the show and go after the REAL hot Malaysian women out there who are too smart to go join something as silly, pointless and degrading as that dumbass show.

Yes I know I said I wouldn't blog about the shows, but hey, I reckon that if I don't mention the shows' names, it doens't count, right? Heh.

Bah, go waste your time watching those shows all you want. I'm going to watch Iron Man twice in one day! For free! Woohoo!

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