Wednesday, 14 May 2008

11 Reasons Why PPS Still Rocks Even After all These Years

I've been pinging my posts in Project Petaling Street (PPS to you, noobs) for more than three years now, and frankly speaking, IMHO, it's still THE best blog agregator in the Malaysian Blogosphere, despite the recent 'rise' of newer, more er... flashy and more canggih agregators.

Here's why:

  1. All the REAL bloggers THAT MATTER, ping PPS. Yes, including me. MUAHAHAHA!

  2. It has a more complete picture of what the Malaysian blogosphere is about, because it doesn't just include bloggers from a certain ad agency, but everyone else as well.

  3. No fancy design needed (heck, the basic design has changed in what, two years?). All it has is just good quality bloggers pinging it.

  4. It doesn't discriminate, doesn't delete your ping (unless you're a spammer lar), and doesn't care if you're talking shit about it. Heck, even Shadowfox can ping it!

  5. The juvenile ones tend to stay away from it, probably because there are no colours and fancy design to look at.

  6. It pretty much takes care of itself, and the regular PPS-ers love it, police it, and take care of it as well.

  7. It had THE BEST Blogger Party (yes, STILL THE BEST) EVAR! And no pajamas were involved!

  8. It doesn't have some stupid dang-nang system that can be manipulated to elevate your own posts into some 'top ten' list to get more hits.

  9. I get more hits from ONE SINGLE NORMAL PPS PING than one day spent on a certain 'Top Posts' list.

  10. Your ping stays on the front page (granted, it only HAS one page) for hours and hours and hours!

  11. It's so popular that even free redtubeporn spammers are spamming it with free porn downloads!

BTW, Aizuddin, you rock! You got rid of the spammer! HOORAY!

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