Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Del Toro and Jackson Talk The Hobbit and other Pop Culture Odds and Sods

I'm busy. So in case you're here looking for some lame jokes, inane comments, some fawning over obsure indie bands or even some Kremlin photos, you won't get them.

But if you're REALLY that hard up of something to read, you can always go HERE to check out what Peter Jackson AND Guillermo Del Toro have got to say about the upcoming The Hobbit movies.

Or if you're too lazy to go through the ENTIRE transcript, you can check out some photos of some generic looking buildings that are supposed to be part of the Transformers 2 set HERE.

Or maybe you'd like to read about how the Batman is actually John Connor, and is married to Charlotte Gainsbourg instead of Claire Danes.

Or failing that, just ogle at the digital ass in the poster of the upcoming Witchblade movie.

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