Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Hunt Down Them Bloody Library Book Thieves, Godammit!

Opened Sharon Bakar's blog this morning and read about this:

Errant borrowers fail to return more than 6,400 books to library

JOHOR BARU: The reading campaign here seems to be successful, judging from the high number of books borrowed from the Sultan Ismail Library here. But when it comes to honesty on the part of the borrowers, it is another story altogether. Of the 6,471 books borrowed from the library, only 40 have been returned.

What Le Feck? Only FORTY out of 6417 books returned? Do Johoreans even KNOW the concept of a LIBRARY?

What were they thinking?

  • "Oooo, look it's a place with books you can take out for free and all you have to do is give them some sort of card."

  • "Oooo, free books! I think I'll go get a free book go choose the most expensive looking book and keep at home and collect dust."

  • "Eh, why this place giving out free stacks of paper ha? Samore got system to 'return' the what they call booku booku. Don't care lah, just take and recycle la! can get money samore!"

Heck, they even have to have a “Compassionate Book Return Month” just to get those idiots to return the books!

Book-return month at Sultan Ismail Library

JOHOR BARU: The Sultan Ismail Library is organising the “Compassionate Book Return Month” from May 2 to June 1. The two-month campaign will nullify any penalties or fines of those who returned borrowed books late. It is to encourage borrowers to return borrowed books to increase the library’s stock.

I say FORGET about being compassionate lar. The more 'compassionate' you are, the more they will take the books for granted. I say Start a state-wide MANHUNT (or rather, BOOKhunt) and TRACK DOWN those idiots who STOLE the books, and then charge them with THEFT instead. THEN maybe they'll learn to respect books and libraries as well.

SHEEEEESH. And you wonder why libraries suck so badly in Malaysia.

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