Friday, 16 May 2008

INDIANA JONES WEEK: A Short and Round Tribute to The Best Sidekick an Adventurer Could Have!

I made a huge boo-boo in the last post. In my rush to shower praise on Indiana Jones himself, I forgot to mention his greatest and still most endearing sidekick of all time....

(He's that funny Chinese kid in Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, Indy noob)

Now, here's one character I REALLY wish they'd included in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. HE would have kicked Shia LeBeouf's ass anytime (especially since he is now apparently a martial artist who's worked with Jet Li before...).

Though since the new movie is set in 1957, 19 years - no scratch that, TWENTY-TWO YEARS AFTER the events in Temple of Doom, that would make Short Round er... not very short anymore.

Anyway, in a bid to correct my mistake in the previous post, I have dedicated today's Indiana Jones Week post to the most endearing and the best sidekick an adventurer/archaeologist can have by compiling a list of his best ever quotes in the movie (as taken from IMDB, of course...)

Take it away, Shorty!


"I'm very little! You cheat very big!"

"He no nuts, he's crazy!"

"I keep telling you, you listen to me more, you live longer!"

"Hey, Dr. Jones, no time for love. We've got company."

Short Round: Wow! Holy Smoke! Crash landing!
Indiana Jones: Short Round, step on it.
Short Round: Okey dokey, Dr. Jones. Hold on to your potatoes!

Willie: Willie is my professional name, Indiana.
Short Round: Hey, lady! You call him Dr. Jones!

(Indy and Short Round are exploring a cavern)
Short Round: Feels like I step on fortune cookie!
Indiana Jones: It's not fortune cookies. Let me take a look.
(Indy lights a lighter to find bugs crawling all over the place)
Short Round: That no cookie!

(Indy and Short Round are trapped in a room)
Indiana Jones: Stop! Look, just - stand against the wall, will ya?
(Short Round stands against the wall, springing a trap)
Short Round: You say to stand against the wall! I listen to what you say! Not my fault! Not my fault!

Indiana Jones:
Stay behind me, Short Round. Step where I step, and don't touch anything.
(Short Round touches a lamp. A door falls open, with two dessicated mummies falling out. Short Round yells and backpedals)
Short Round: I step where you step! I touch nothing!

"Wake up, Indy! You're my best friend! Wake up, Indy!"


And in case you were wondering what became of Jonathan Ke Quan, or what else he did... well, he was also in The Goonies, along within Sean 'Samwise Gamgee' Astin...

And apparently his most recent film was in 2002, in this Hong Kong movie called Second Time Around, where he acted alongside Ekin 'Formerly Known as Noodle" Cheng....

Yeah, he ain't looking very short NOR round anymore, eh?

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