Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Just This Once, Go Watch Once. At Least Once.

Not a Review.
A little indie flick,
A simple musical,
With no dancing,
No stupid costumes,
No thrills,
No frills,
No explosions,
And no actors who can half-sing,
Only musicians who can half-act.

Just a guy,
And a girl,
No names.
A vacuum cleaner, fixed.
A beat up guitar, unfixed.
And some wonderful music.
Which made me sorta wanna learn to play the guitar,
And it made me immedietely go buy the soundtrack.

My favorite scene:
Two people.
A guitar + a piano.
Two voices,
In perfect harmony.
Tender verses,
A soaring chorus,
Falling slowly into bliss.
And rising to Oscar glory.

Go watch Once.
At least once.
And once you're done,
Watch it once more, maybe.
For once in your lifetime,
Just this once, take a chance.
You won't regret it, not even once.

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