Monday, 12 May 2008

A Tiesto Noob Becomes an Ah Beng For a Night of Freedom

DISCLAIMER: No youth were damaged in the making of this post. Everyone was quite old. AHAHAHA.


This is me being an Ah Beng for a night:

Picture stolen from Kimcun!

Taken at Tiesto (aka. Freedom Fest konon) on Saturday night. Or rather, Saturday morning. Was ok. Danced a bit (for the first time in like, THREE years), then got tired, and then somewhat bored. I think I'm getting too old for this kind of shit. Plus rave parties are so not my thing. Gimme a good old-fashion rock concert anytime, man. At least if I can't dance I can headbang instead. :D

But who cares, it was a free ticket, woot! And besides, the company was good. Went with with a bunch of noobs - Awesome-Driver-Suan, Hyper-Dancer-FA, Shaolin "The air is fresher all the way up here" Tiger, Half-Can-Kim, KY Not-Jelly, My-Name-Is-Dupree, Pinkpau In Hot Pink, Spongefox-Helmet-Head, Chris "No Pockets For Wallet" Tock; then met the lovely Sammy Lim there (who was there with two bodyguards).

And did I mention we drank lots of beer? WOOT!

Eyeris + Lots of Beer + Good company = Happy Eyeris.

Who cares if I couldn't even tell the songs apart? Beat come on, dance only lar! Haha Tiesto noob.

Picture stolen from Kimcun again!

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