Monday, 26 May 2008

The Worlds Hottest Street Fighter Returns As Lana Lang!

Remember this chick?

No? How about THIS scene then?

Yup, it's Chun Li, and come 2009, everyone's favorite female Chinese street fighter will now be immortalised in her very own live action movie, entitled Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li!

And here's the very first picture of the girl herself!


Oh wait, that's actually Ming Na Wen from the 1994 version of Street Fighter. You know, that godawful B-grade movie that had Jean Claude Van Dammit as Guile and Kylie MiNOOOOOOgue as Cammy. I still wish I could give the filmmakers of THAT movie a good Syo-ryu-ken in the face and a big ass Hadouken up the ass..

Anyway, here's the REAL Chun Li in the upcoming movie, played by the extremely hot and not-very-Chinese-looking Lana Lan... er... Kristin Kreuk!

(Picture & news taken from

Well, she's hot, I'll give her that. Whether the movie will be good or not is another point of debate. So far the only other significant cast member that's been announced is Michael Clarke Duncan as Balrog (er... let's hope he's gonna be the boxer Balrog, not the Spanish pretty boy in a mask who was originally called Balrog in the original Japanese SFII game, or that would be a the greatest case of miscasting in movie history), and Neal McDonough as M. Bison. Yawn.

Ryu and Ken will be in, of course, and maybe Vega too, but no one has been cast in those roles yet.

Oh well, at least we already have Kreuk in it, and we'll get to do some ogling. Hopefully her costume is sexy enough to give a Cleavage Rating hur hur.

And besides, I'll be happy as long as it doesn't have her dressing up like in a costume doing THIS:

Oh dear oh dear.


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Evy said...

Well, in the role, Ming-Na is a best choice, not only because shes chinese but she has the body. Lana girl does not have the buffy Chun Li body ( and thats the chun li trade mark) =//