Sunday, 29 June 2008

Eyeris Goes to Urbanscapes...

..... and forgot his camera. Dammit.

Oh well, here's a blow by blow account on what I did there then.

2:20pm: Got there. No problem finding parking at all. Got my ticket from a really cute ticket girl who gave me a green bracelet. I'm not taking off the green bracelet EVER. At least until the end of the day.

2:25pm: Spent five minutes planning the day. Was initially only planning to stay there a few hours, but decided, WTF, already paid RM35, might as well see how long I can last there.

2:30pm: Went to the so-called 'X-Box' to catch Deserters. Too bad there were so few people inside at the time, their set was pretty good.

3pm: Wandered outside to the Lawn Stage to see what Citizens of Ice Cream was all about. Turned out to be a bunch of guys with laptops strolling around the stage. Left.

3:05pm: Wandered around the marketplace a bit. Nearly suffocated from the heat and smell of sweaty people. Almost ran back into KLPac for nice cool aircon.

3:10pm: Decide to explore the place while waiting to watch Kurus at 3:25.

3:15pm: After five minutes of not understanding the art exhibition downstairs, I wandered up to the Cinetheatre where the short films were shown on TV sets set inside boxes and boxes for seats; and people could just flip to the short films they wanna watch. Damn cool concept.

3:20pm: Watched the newly edited version of Chicken Rice Mystery. I preferred the original version, Swifty. It had more er... meat in it. Eheh. And you cut out Suanie's lollipop fight!

3:30pm: Wandered into the pitch dark Cinetheatre to watch Kurus. Watched about 30 minutes of it, liked the parts where the father was talking with Ali. Carmen Soo quite hot.

4:05pm: Got sleepy, so decided to go down to The X Box again to see what The Otherside Orchestra was all about. Not bad, not bad at all, actually. I kinda like the lead singer's chirpy enthusiasm. Helps that it was a chick too, actually. Pretty decent songs too.

4:30pm: Went back outside to the Lawn Stage to catch Estranged. They were still sound-checking, so I Went around a bit at the same time, and bought the Otherside Orchestra's CD. Also bought my first beer of the day.

4:35pm: Estranged came on. Not too bad, but I don't feel TOO compelled to pick up the CD.

5pm: Rushed inside to the Acoustic Livehouse to catch Mia Palencia. the room was PACKED (probably because got air-con), and had to utilise my skinny-man-in-crowded-room maneuvering techniques to the max. Turns out Paolo Delfino's set was running late, but he was pretty decent too.

5:15pm: Mia Palencia comes on. I manage to score a seat on the floor right in front of the stage. Mia's got a REALLY good voice (you were right, Elfie!) and she sang five new songs - not a single one of which is on her debut album. Hoping she makes enough out of the first to make a second one. I really liked that Tender Hour song. And the rest too, of course.

5:45pm: Shuffled out of the room to go watch OAG at the Lawn Stage. Meet a former Razzberry on the way out, told her good luck with the crowd in the room.

5:50pm: Got outside just in time to hear them announcing that "OAG WILL NOT BE PEROFRMING TODAY." WHATT??!!??!! Bah. So dissappointed. Went to get another beer.

5:52pm: After sitting around moping for a minute with a beer, I walk around again. Went to the corridor in front of the Box office. KL Stompers were there drumming up a lot of attention, drumming on tongs, stairs and bottles. I love percussions!

6:15pm: Spot Daphne sitting outside the cafe, looking pooped. And Poetry Slam hadn't even started yet. Lepaked for a while, then went of too the Lawn Stage again to catch...

6:30pm:... Auburn. not too bad. But you need to work on yer live vocals, Izzy. And frankly speaking, I prefer the studio version of Androgyne.

7pm: Got hungry, but didn't feel like a sit-down dinner. Went to the bazaar instead to grab a kebab.

7:05pm: Finished kebab.

7:10pm: Another percussion thing was going on at the corridor again, so I lepaked there for another ten minutes, bobbing my head to the drums.

7:20: Wandered into the X-Box but there was some Hip-Hop thing going on. I don't listen to Hip-Hop. Went to the Cinetheatre instead to catch a bit of this play call Air-Con. Got a little bored. Realised that I completely forgot that Estrella was performing.

7:50pm: Rushed out to the Lawn Stage to watch Estrella. Only managed to catch her last song. Blast. She's got a real cute smile though. Went to bar after that to get my third beer.

8pm: Lap Sap already spinning in the Lakeside stage. Stood around ogling hot chicks dancing. Went inside to catch the Poetry Slam.

8:15pm: Inside the cold cold Cinetheatre, watching the poets 'making fools of themselves'.

9pm: Poetry thingy takes a break. And the ACTUAL Poetry Slam hasn't even started yet!

9:15pm: Too tired to sit around for the Slam to start. Went outside to watch Lap Sap spin. Wanted to wait for Twilight Actiongirl, but was so tired (I'd been there for SEVEN HOURS godammit) I decide to sod it all for a lark and go home instead.

9:30pm: I manage to stagger to my car, finally. Didn't realise I parked THIS far. Goodbye Urbanscapes!

PS: I'd post mp3s of the acts I saw at Urbanscapes, but Fileden suspended my account so I can't upload anything on Musclarity. Can anyone recommend a good file-hosting service I can use?

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Evangelion 1.0.1: (What) Is it (With) Anime (Titles) with (Brackets) in (them)?

Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone.
(Not) a Review.
First time I watched anime in cinema.
(Showing only in Cineleisure Picturehouse, BTW)
Frankly, I donno nuts about Evangelion.
I've always been more of a Transformers guy.
All that depressing apocalyptic anime shit doesn't appeal to me.
Until now.

Movie is good if you don't know anything about Evangelion.
Even better if you know a lot about it.
The action scenes damn cool.
Someone said better than in the TV show itself.
And the Angels are damn cool too.
But after the fight,
You dread the death of the Angels,
Because then the endless emo-ing starts.

The pace of the show is like this.
Then the Angel die.
And the Emo-ing starts.
Emo emo emo emo
Ooo, naked chick.
Wait, it's a cartoon.

A lot of typical anime elements.
Hot chicks with big boobs.
A bloody emo hero.
Some bigger agenda behind everything
Bras and panties flying around.
And a weird animal mascot-like thingy.
Oh, and the giant robots,
And the weird monsters/angels.

BTW, WTF are Angels anyway? Damned if I know.
WTF are those Eva robots? No idea.
Why the hell are the pilots KIDS? Donno.
And what does NERV stand for? Fuck knows.
Nothing is explained!
Everything is so confusing!
ARGH! Damn this confounded anime jargon!
And what the fuck is up with that BRACKET in the title anyway?

PS: BTW, the All Malaysian Bloggers Caption contest for double passes to watch this movie is still on!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

I watched Wanted. What the fuck have YOU done lately?

This is me, after watching Wanted.
This is me, not reviewing it.
This is me, loving it.
This is me, not eating Mcdonalds.
This is me, wondering what the fuck I just said.
This is me, reading the comic again.
This is me, telling you NOT to read the comic first.

This is me, with an adrenalin rush,
This is me, wanting to watch Night Watch and Day Watch again.
This is me, wondering how the heck they did that.
This is me, cheering at the bullets going through the heads.
This is me, loving that knife vs gun scene.
This is me, getting violent tendencies.

This is me, awed by the curving bullets.
This is me, wishing the action didn't move so fast.
This is me, thinking that shotgun is fucking cool.
This is me, wanting prop replicas of the guns and bullets.
This is me, swearing like nobody's business.
This is me, wanting to assassinate the fucking censors.

This is me, wondering how Jolie got so skinny,
This is me, thinking she was hotter as Mrs. Smith.
This is me, looking at James McAvoy,
This is me, wondering how he got from Atonement to this.
This is me, thinking he doesn't look a bit like Eminem.
This is me, geeking out when Anton came on.

This is me, in full-blown swearing mode.
This is me, laughing at you for wasting your time reading this.
This is me, watching movies and calling it 'work',
This is me, already having watched Wanted.
What the fuck have YOU done lately?

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

S**T P**S F**K C**T C********R M**********R T***S F**T T**D T**T

Turn down the volume if you're at work!!!!

George Carlin
(May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008)

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Four Years and Still Full of Nonsense

Happy Birthday to it,
Happy Birthday to it,
Happy Birthday to My Blog,
Happy Birthday to it!


(Tell me if I need to change anything)
(If I do... what?)
(If I don't... why?)
(And what else would you like to see here?)

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

PIXAR WEEK 2008: Wall-E Hype Starts NOW!!!!

It's T-minus 10 days (Update: I just found out that it may not be here until at least July... but what the hell, it's never too early to start the hype!!!) to THE most anticipated movie here on Eye on Everything!

No, it's not The Dark Knight (that's a close second). No it's not Hellboy 2. It's.....

YES! THE NEW PIXAR MOVIE IS ALMOST UPON US! And as usual, I hereby declare this whole week to be PIXAR WEEK, and it will peak with the EXCLUSIVE MOVIE -NOT REVIEW of WALL-E next week! Hopefully. PLEASE PLEASE let it be sooner. I wanna watch WAll-E NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!


Anyway, to kick things off, I shall now share with you some very very very cute and cool poster for Wall-E, coming from all over the place - Russia, Poland and US, of course.

First up, are the conventional usual US ones:

Then, here are some cool RUSSIAN ones...

And some from Poland...

And finally, my FAVORITEST of all... four very very cute international posters (at least I THINK they're international ones...)


Even Evangelions Get Depressed

Wanna get free movie passes to go watch Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone, courtesy of AllMalaysian Bloggers Project?


Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Yo Joe! Hubba Hubba Hot Hot Hot!

As far as 80's cartoons went, I've never been a GI Joe kind of guy, more of a Transformers kind of guy. Heck, the only time I ever really got into a GI Joe story of any kind was when the now defunct Dreamwave comics had their GI Joe/Transformers crossover story set in World War II, which I loved mostly because of the Transformers anyway.

Anyway, probably riding the coattails of the success of the Transformers movie last year, they're comign up with a GI Joe movie next year. It does look slightly promising, especially with Ray Park in the role of the ultra-cool ninja Snake-Eyes.

But frankly, I just wasn't very fascinated with the movie. GI Joe is mostly MEH for me, to tell the truth.

But there IS one thing I DO look forward to in the GI Joe movie. No, it's not that Dr. Who guy as Destro-Without-The-Silver-Face. It's THE two hot hot hot chicks in it.

First up, Sienna Miller as the Baroness:

Holy hot-chick-with-glasses-and-guns. Not only is she a BAAAAD babe, wear BLACK LEATHER and hold TWO guns, she also wears GLASSES. And I've always had a thing for hot babes in glasses. Hubba hubba. Sign me up for Cobra training PLEASE.

Oh, and less we forget, here's Rachel Nichols as the good hot chick, Scarlett:

MORE black leather and RED hair! Woohoo! Yohoho Joe!

PS: If you're really THAT interested in the rest of the cast (which has Dennis Quaid and one of the Wayan brothers WTF); you can take a look at Duke, Ripcord etc by following THIS LINK. And after that, go check out THIS comic that sums up the costume designs perfectly.

R.I.P. Stan Winston, Terminator Creator, Elder Predator and Alien King

Stan Winston

He created the Terminator.
Then he scared Arnie with his Predator.
He made some dinosaurs for Jurassic Park.
He awed us with the Alien Queen.
He even made suits for Iron Man.

And now, the great Elder Predator in the Sky has called for his Termination.

Rest In Peace, Stan Winston, Terminator Creator, Elder Predator and Alien King.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Hulk and Wall-E Assemble to Avenge Cancelled Death Cab Concerts

Too many things to blog about, so little time. Here's a short post about everything then.

1) DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE concert in Malaysia has been CANCELLED. Bloody Singaporeans. Go here for more.

2) Shameless self-plug: Want free mp3s? New Coldplay song? Good indie music? Go to my music blog: The Eye of Musiclarity.

3) The Incredible Hulk does not hold up to repeat viewings unless you can skip to the action scenes. You get too fidgety during the slow-mo tragic drama scenes.

4) I can't wait to watch Wall-E. Go HERE and HERE for two more videos of the cute little bugger meeting bouncy balls and a firehydrant! For the previous videos, go to the official site HERE.

5) The Avengers are assembling!!!

Thanks For Contributing to the Give-Eyeris-More-Beer Project!

1) Between work and moving house, it's been a pretty hectic two weeks. Hence the considerable lack of proper posts lately.

2) But it's all good now, my new home is nice and cozy, full of IKEA furniture, my Anduril finally gets to come out of its box and has a display case of its own to call home, and everything came together for one heck of a housewarming party on Saturday.

3) Housewarming party was fun! First time I had so many friends from all over the place under my roof - best friends, former uni-mates, AIESECers, bloggers, colleagues, poker kakis, badminton kakis, and even the toy shop guy from whom I bought almost half my collection from...

4) People were playing Scrabble, poker, and Jenga with Smirnoff shots. Anyone played LEGO too? I was too high to notice.

5) Ok, own up people. Who was the joker who put my Frodo and Sam busts in that uncompromising position? and put that Oscar in the Balrog's hands?

6) Kimberlycun is officially the first person to pass out intoxicated on my couch, while Reta is officially the first person to puke in my toilet. HAHAHA.

7) Aftermath of party (which officially ended at 5am, BTW, when the poker session ended): Finished two cartons of beer, two six packs, two-thirds of my Smirnoff, half my sake, one bottle of wine and two cans of Shandy (who the heck brought the SHANDY anyway? I know I said the 'cover charge' was a six pack of beer or something alcoholic, but this is ridiculous).

8) And the best part is, I still have lots and lots of beer.

Thanks everyone for turning up, making my house nice and warm, and also contributing to Project Give-Eyeris-More-Beer! :D

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Happy 5th Anniversary, PPS!

WTF happened to PPS?
Oh. 5th Anniversary.

Well, it's come a long way in some ways (like, its still better than other local blog aggregators), and not a very long way in others (the design hasn't changed in what, 3 years?).

Anyway, it's still THE BEST Blog Agregator in Malaysia!

Woot! Congratulations, PPS!

Steve Carrell's Shoes Get Smarter, Anne Hathaway Gets Hotter.

Get Smart.
Not a review.
Wasn't really looking forward to this.
Never really liked Steve Carrell.
Only liked his rubber faces in Bruce Almighty.
If I wanted someone embarassing himself,
I'd watch Ben Stiller instead.
Or Kenny Sia on MDG.

Ok, it WAS a little funny.
And if you were familiar with the TV series, even better.
But that show was so old I doubt many people remember it.
The Cone of Silence!
The Shoe Phone!
The Car!
All the classic lines!

Show started off a bit slow.
And a bit lame.
But it got slightly better second half onwards.
When Steve Carrell wasn't so annoying.
And the jokes were actually funny.
Hey, it's Hiro Nakamura!
Hey it's The Rock!
Hey it's the President of the Montecito!
Hey, it's that guy from Borat!
At least he kept his clothes on this time. Phew.

Oh, and Anne Hathaway.
Cleavage rating: 8.5
Ass rating: 8.5
She was decently hot in Devil Wears Prada.
But here she is REALLY HOT.
Look at her cleavage here!

Pant pant.
Drool drool drool
Hubba hubba.
Sorry about that.
She had a lot of nude scenes in other shows?
Time to do some Googling...

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

For Smurf's Sake. Why The Smurf do We Need a Smurf Movie?



No, on second thought, kill them Smurfs before they make the damn movie!!!!

The Happening is Happening If You Happen to like Night

The Happening
Not a review.
It's M. Night Shyamalan.
Do you REALLY need a review?
Reading reviews about his movies will only spoil it for you.
So I won't review it.
And I won't mention the story at all.
All you need to know is something scary happens.
And a former underwear model happened to be around.
Damn happening right?

That Marky Mark fella really got no charisma lar.
For a so-called 'leading man' samore.
No presence, no charm, no... nothing.
Edward Norton would wiped the floor with him without even trying.
Robert Downing Jr would kick his ass all the way to Gulmira.
Heck, even Keanu 'Wooden Plank' has more charisma.
And that's saying a lot.
Marky Mark should just go back to the Funky Bunch.

But I like Zooey.
More than Emily, actually.
Zooey is CUTE.
I repeat. ZOOEY IS CUTE.
Cleavage Rating: 8!
I really really like Zooey.
She's cute.
Sigh... I'm in love...

Ok, what else is there?
Oh yeah the twist.
Yeah right.
As if I'll say anything here about THAT.
Go watch it yourself lar.
Shyamalan is back.
And that's all you need to know.

Monday, 9 June 2008

The Incredible Hulk is SMAAAASHING!!!!


Ahem. This is puny skinny Bruce Banner.
Or Edward Norton. Whatever.
You won't like him when he's hungry.
And he likes strechy pants too.
Voice still nasal.
Still too much of him.
But at least not like Ang Lee's movie.
Which should have been called The Incredible Bruce Banner.

And there's Arwe... I mean, Betty!
Liv Tyler looks hot one scene,
And too pouty the next.
Cleavage Rating: 7.
Why her voice always so er.. breathy har?
It's like she's always stuck in Arwen mode.
But she was ok lah.
And when she get hurt,
Bruce BECOME HULK!!!!!




That Panda Can Really Kung the Fu

Kungfu Panda.
Not a Review.
Not bad, actually.
For a cartoon that is NOT by Pixar.
Hehe I damn bias.
I wasn't expecting Panda to be good.
Because the last time Jack and Jolie were in a cartoon together,
It was the godawful Shark Tale.
But now no Will Smith,
So it was pretty good.
Not that Jack Black is THAT good lar.
But at least the movie was great.

The Kungfu fighting is great.
Even if its animals doing the kungfuing.
But it was fun!
I love the Furious Five.
Mantis is cool.
But the Tigress boring lor.
Samore supposed to be Angelina Jolie.
And that monkey Jackie Chan hardly said a word.
His voice sessions must have REALLY sucked.

The Sifu is also pretty cool.
And so is that turtle.
The bad guy's voice a bit wimpy though.
Not EVILLY enough.
I liked the Papa Duck. hehe.
The dialogue also pretty smart.
"There is no charge for awesomeness!"
And there wasn't a single fart or burp joke anywhere!
That's practically a miracle!
It's a Jack Black movie without farts!

The show wasn't stupid lor
I didn't cringe at all.
In fact, I quite liked it lor.
But WHY did they have to use that Kungfu Fighting song AGAIN?
If you only watch one Jackie Chan movie this year...
Don't watch Forbidden Kingdom.
Watch Kung Fu Panda.
Dreamworks is upping the ante.
Your move, Pixar.