Thursday, 3 July 2008

Contest: Two Tickets for the Nokia Premiere of THE DARK KNIGHT to Give Away!




Heads up people, it's CONTEST TIME!

Nokia has kindly provided me with TWO EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE TICKETS to go watch THE DARK KNIGHT on July 15, at GSC Signature cinema in The Gardens, which I will be GIVING AWAY to ONE lucky reader of this humble little blog.

Now, the contest isn't going to be easy. I want to give the tickets to someone who is an actual FAN of Batman and the Joker, and REALLY REALLY wants to watch the Batman movie TWO DAYS BEFORE everybody else.

So here goes. I've compiled the following montage below of SIX different Jokers (yes, six, not nine. apparently many have said that the initial NINE Jokers were too hard. pffft) from two different mediums:

And based on the picture, you have to accomplish the following tasks to win the tickets:

  1. For the first row, tell me which version of the Batman comic that each of the three particular Joker appears in. (i.e. Batman: the Long Halloween, Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns... etc).

  2. For the second row, give me the name of the actor in the picture, as well as title of the show they appear in.

Easy peasey right? Shouldn't be a problem for a REAL Joker fan, right?

Wait, there's more.

As a tie-breaker, you also have give me a short paragraph on what is your favourite version of The Joker EVER, and why.

Doesn't have to be one from the picture above, and doesn't matter if it's the comic, cartoon, TV, toy or movie version, as long as it's The Joker.

Got all that? ALRIGHT. Now GO. You have to EMAIL me with the answers, with your FULL NAME, EMAIL, and preferably your PHONE NUMBER as well. Remember, EMAIL the answers, don't post them in the comments!

I will get back to you with the winners two days after the deadline, which is on... SUNDAY, 6 July 2008. Anything after that will be disqualified.

The person who gets the highest number of correct answers, with the coolest paragraph on which Joker you like best; wins the tickets!

Now, why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face!

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