Monday, 9 June 2008

That Panda Can Really Kung the Fu

Kungfu Panda.
Not a Review.
Not bad, actually.
For a cartoon that is NOT by Pixar.
Hehe I damn bias.
I wasn't expecting Panda to be good.
Because the last time Jack and Jolie were in a cartoon together,
It was the godawful Shark Tale.
But now no Will Smith,
So it was pretty good.
Not that Jack Black is THAT good lar.
But at least the movie was great.

The Kungfu fighting is great.
Even if its animals doing the kungfuing.
But it was fun!
I love the Furious Five.
Mantis is cool.
But the Tigress boring lor.
Samore supposed to be Angelina Jolie.
And that monkey Jackie Chan hardly said a word.
His voice sessions must have REALLY sucked.

The Sifu is also pretty cool.
And so is that turtle.
The bad guy's voice a bit wimpy though.
Not EVILLY enough.
I liked the Papa Duck. hehe.
The dialogue also pretty smart.
"There is no charge for awesomeness!"
And there wasn't a single fart or burp joke anywhere!
That's practically a miracle!
It's a Jack Black movie without farts!

The show wasn't stupid lor
I didn't cringe at all.
In fact, I quite liked it lor.
But WHY did they have to use that Kungfu Fighting song AGAIN?
If you only watch one Jackie Chan movie this year...
Don't watch Forbidden Kingdom.
Watch Kung Fu Panda.
Dreamworks is upping the ante.
Your move, Pixar.

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