Sunday, 29 June 2008

Eyeris Goes to Urbanscapes...

..... and forgot his camera. Dammit.

Oh well, here's a blow by blow account on what I did there then.

2:20pm: Got there. No problem finding parking at all. Got my ticket from a really cute ticket girl who gave me a green bracelet. I'm not taking off the green bracelet EVER. At least until the end of the day.

2:25pm: Spent five minutes planning the day. Was initially only planning to stay there a few hours, but decided, WTF, already paid RM35, might as well see how long I can last there.

2:30pm: Went to the so-called 'X-Box' to catch Deserters. Too bad there were so few people inside at the time, their set was pretty good.

3pm: Wandered outside to the Lawn Stage to see what Citizens of Ice Cream was all about. Turned out to be a bunch of guys with laptops strolling around the stage. Left.

3:05pm: Wandered around the marketplace a bit. Nearly suffocated from the heat and smell of sweaty people. Almost ran back into KLPac for nice cool aircon.

3:10pm: Decide to explore the place while waiting to watch Kurus at 3:25.

3:15pm: After five minutes of not understanding the art exhibition downstairs, I wandered up to the Cinetheatre where the short films were shown on TV sets set inside boxes and boxes for seats; and people could just flip to the short films they wanna watch. Damn cool concept.

3:20pm: Watched the newly edited version of Chicken Rice Mystery. I preferred the original version, Swifty. It had more er... meat in it. Eheh. And you cut out Suanie's lollipop fight!

3:30pm: Wandered into the pitch dark Cinetheatre to watch Kurus. Watched about 30 minutes of it, liked the parts where the father was talking with Ali. Carmen Soo quite hot.

4:05pm: Got sleepy, so decided to go down to The X Box again to see what The Otherside Orchestra was all about. Not bad, not bad at all, actually. I kinda like the lead singer's chirpy enthusiasm. Helps that it was a chick too, actually. Pretty decent songs too.

4:30pm: Went back outside to the Lawn Stage to catch Estranged. They were still sound-checking, so I Went around a bit at the same time, and bought the Otherside Orchestra's CD. Also bought my first beer of the day.

4:35pm: Estranged came on. Not too bad, but I don't feel TOO compelled to pick up the CD.

5pm: Rushed inside to the Acoustic Livehouse to catch Mia Palencia. the room was PACKED (probably because got air-con), and had to utilise my skinny-man-in-crowded-room maneuvering techniques to the max. Turns out Paolo Delfino's set was running late, but he was pretty decent too.

5:15pm: Mia Palencia comes on. I manage to score a seat on the floor right in front of the stage. Mia's got a REALLY good voice (you were right, Elfie!) and she sang five new songs - not a single one of which is on her debut album. Hoping she makes enough out of the first to make a second one. I really liked that Tender Hour song. And the rest too, of course.

5:45pm: Shuffled out of the room to go watch OAG at the Lawn Stage. Meet a former Razzberry on the way out, told her good luck with the crowd in the room.

5:50pm: Got outside just in time to hear them announcing that "OAG WILL NOT BE PEROFRMING TODAY." WHATT??!!??!! Bah. So dissappointed. Went to get another beer.

5:52pm: After sitting around moping for a minute with a beer, I walk around again. Went to the corridor in front of the Box office. KL Stompers were there drumming up a lot of attention, drumming on tongs, stairs and bottles. I love percussions!

6:15pm: Spot Daphne sitting outside the cafe, looking pooped. And Poetry Slam hadn't even started yet. Lepaked for a while, then went of too the Lawn Stage again to catch...

6:30pm:... Auburn. not too bad. But you need to work on yer live vocals, Izzy. And frankly speaking, I prefer the studio version of Androgyne.

7pm: Got hungry, but didn't feel like a sit-down dinner. Went to the bazaar instead to grab a kebab.

7:05pm: Finished kebab.

7:10pm: Another percussion thing was going on at the corridor again, so I lepaked there for another ten minutes, bobbing my head to the drums.

7:20: Wandered into the X-Box but there was some Hip-Hop thing going on. I don't listen to Hip-Hop. Went to the Cinetheatre instead to catch a bit of this play call Air-Con. Got a little bored. Realised that I completely forgot that Estrella was performing.

7:50pm: Rushed out to the Lawn Stage to watch Estrella. Only managed to catch her last song. Blast. She's got a real cute smile though. Went to bar after that to get my third beer.

8pm: Lap Sap already spinning in the Lakeside stage. Stood around ogling hot chicks dancing. Went inside to catch the Poetry Slam.

8:15pm: Inside the cold cold Cinetheatre, watching the poets 'making fools of themselves'.

9pm: Poetry thingy takes a break. And the ACTUAL Poetry Slam hasn't even started yet!

9:15pm: Too tired to sit around for the Slam to start. Went outside to watch Lap Sap spin. Wanted to wait for Twilight Actiongirl, but was so tired (I'd been there for SEVEN HOURS godammit) I decide to sod it all for a lark and go home instead.

9:30pm: I manage to stagger to my car, finally. Didn't realise I parked THIS far. Goodbye Urbanscapes!

PS: I'd post mp3s of the acts I saw at Urbanscapes, but Fileden suspended my account so I can't upload anything on Musclarity. Can anyone recommend a good file-hosting service I can use?

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