Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Introducing... The All-New Eye of Musiclarity!

I've always wanted to start a music blog, with actual downloads of mp3s. I've maintained a strictly "No videos, No Downloads" policy on Eye on Everything for so long, but sometimes when I posted music posts, I felt that something was missing.

Well, now I've finally gotten around to starting that lbog, and here it is:

Introducing, the all-new, all-singing, all-dancing....


I'm still not sure on the direction this new blog is going to take, and whether I'll be able to sustain it for long. What I DO know is that almost ALL my music-related posts will be posted there from now on, so this blog will be mostly on everything else BUT music from now on.

I've only got three posts there right now (including a disclaimer), but rest assured, I'll try to post more later on. And maybe recycle some old posts from EoE, and this time complete it with downloadable mp3s.

So what yer waiting for? Head on over to the all-new Eye of Musiclarity right now and download some free songs! :D

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