Thursday, 12 June 2008

Steve Carrell's Shoes Get Smarter, Anne Hathaway Gets Hotter.

Get Smart.
Not a review.
Wasn't really looking forward to this.
Never really liked Steve Carrell.
Only liked his rubber faces in Bruce Almighty.
If I wanted someone embarassing himself,
I'd watch Ben Stiller instead.
Or Kenny Sia on MDG.

Ok, it WAS a little funny.
And if you were familiar with the TV series, even better.
But that show was so old I doubt many people remember it.
The Cone of Silence!
The Shoe Phone!
The Car!
All the classic lines!

Show started off a bit slow.
And a bit lame.
But it got slightly better second half onwards.
When Steve Carrell wasn't so annoying.
And the jokes were actually funny.
Hey, it's Hiro Nakamura!
Hey it's The Rock!
Hey it's the President of the Montecito!
Hey, it's that guy from Borat!
At least he kept his clothes on this time. Phew.

Oh, and Anne Hathaway.
Cleavage rating: 8.5
Ass rating: 8.5
She was decently hot in Devil Wears Prada.
But here she is REALLY HOT.
Look at her cleavage here!

Pant pant.
Drool drool drool
Hubba hubba.
Sorry about that.
She had a lot of nude scenes in other shows?
Time to do some Googling...

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