Monday, 16 June 2008

Thanks For Contributing to the Give-Eyeris-More-Beer Project!

1) Between work and moving house, it's been a pretty hectic two weeks. Hence the considerable lack of proper posts lately.

2) But it's all good now, my new home is nice and cozy, full of IKEA furniture, my Anduril finally gets to come out of its box and has a display case of its own to call home, and everything came together for one heck of a housewarming party on Saturday.

3) Housewarming party was fun! First time I had so many friends from all over the place under my roof - best friends, former uni-mates, AIESECers, bloggers, colleagues, poker kakis, badminton kakis, and even the toy shop guy from whom I bought almost half my collection from...

4) People were playing Scrabble, poker, and Jenga with Smirnoff shots. Anyone played LEGO too? I was too high to notice.

5) Ok, own up people. Who was the joker who put my Frodo and Sam busts in that uncompromising position? and put that Oscar in the Balrog's hands?

6) Kimberlycun is officially the first person to pass out intoxicated on my couch, while Reta is officially the first person to puke in my toilet. HAHAHA.

7) Aftermath of party (which officially ended at 5am, BTW, when the poker session ended): Finished two cartons of beer, two six packs, two-thirds of my Smirnoff, half my sake, one bottle of wine and two cans of Shandy (who the heck brought the SHANDY anyway? I know I said the 'cover charge' was a six pack of beer or something alcoholic, but this is ridiculous).

8) And the best part is, I still have lots and lots of beer.

Thanks everyone for turning up, making my house nice and warm, and also contributing to Project Give-Eyeris-More-Beer! :D

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