Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Yo Joe! Hubba Hubba Hot Hot Hot!

As far as 80's cartoons went, I've never been a GI Joe kind of guy, more of a Transformers kind of guy. Heck, the only time I ever really got into a GI Joe story of any kind was when the now defunct Dreamwave comics had their GI Joe/Transformers crossover story set in World War II, which I loved mostly because of the Transformers anyway.

Anyway, probably riding the coattails of the success of the Transformers movie last year, they're comign up with a GI Joe movie next year. It does look slightly promising, especially with Ray Park in the role of the ultra-cool ninja Snake-Eyes.

But frankly, I just wasn't very fascinated with the movie. GI Joe is mostly MEH for me, to tell the truth.

But there IS one thing I DO look forward to in the GI Joe movie. No, it's not that Dr. Who guy as Destro-Without-The-Silver-Face. It's THE two hot hot hot chicks in it.

First up, Sienna Miller as the Baroness:

Holy hot-chick-with-glasses-and-guns. Not only is she a BAAAAD babe, wear BLACK LEATHER and hold TWO guns, she also wears GLASSES. And I've always had a thing for hot babes in glasses. Hubba hubba. Sign me up for Cobra training PLEASE.

Oh, and less we forget, here's Rachel Nichols as the good hot chick, Scarlett:

MORE black leather and RED hair! Woohoo! Yohoho Joe!

PS: If you're really THAT interested in the rest of the cast (which has Dennis Quaid and one of the Wayan brothers WTF); you can take a look at Duke, Ripcord etc by following THIS LINK. And after that, go check out THIS comic that sums up the costume designs perfectly.

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