Thursday, 31 July 2008

Bob is the Dude Playing the Dude Disguised as Another Dude!

Tropic Thunder.
Not a Review.
Good luck watching this in Malaysia,
It's going to be censored half to hell,
Because of all the swearing.
You'd probably be better off getting it from Uncle Ho,
But don't tell anyone I told you that.
(Oh, and since I'm in the gloating mood)
(The Dark Knight is bloody AWESOME in IMAX) :D

Funniest all out comedy of the year.
Got some decent action too,
But that ain't the point.
The point is it's a funny comedy,
That doesn't pretend to be anything else,
Other than a stupid comedy about stupid actors.
Stupid actors stuck in a war zone,
Stupidly thinking they're still shooting a stupid movie.
Can't get as silly as that, eh?

What you expect?
It's got Ben Stiller
(Bloody annoying as ever)
It's got Jack Black
(Bloody flatulent as ever)
It's got Tom Cruise
(Where where you say? You'll never guess, I say)
And it's got Robert Downey Jr.

See that guy with the buffalo?
That's Tony, Stark, that is.
Yup, good old Downey Jr.
He's brilliant, I tell ya,
Only he could pull of playing an Australian playing a black dude.
He's the dude, playing the dude, disguised as another dude!
This year is the year of Downey Jr!
(And Ledger too, but don't tell Robert that)

It's stupid, it's silly,
It's dumb as hell.
and it's gonna be chopped up like hell,
Which is a pity,
Because the best lines are the most foul mouthed ones.
And it's also bloody funny.
Though some parts tried TOO hard to be funny,
And would have mad the film unbearable,
If not for that awesome Stark dude.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008


I'm still in San Diego, where I've just completed a marathon session of roundtable interviews which turned out to be the most fun I've had in a roundtable interview ever.

After that, I came back to the room, and despite it being a fairly good day outside, I was just too lazy to go out, and decided to stay in the room to transcribe my interviews instead.

Halfway through, I decided to get a beer from the minibar. Now, I had a choice between Heineken and an American beer called Miller Lite. Since I've had way too much Heineken in Amsterdam already, I decided to give Miller Lite a try. After all, it proudly proclaims on the can that it won the gold award in the World Beer Cup four times before, so it can't be bad, right?


That bloody can of piss turned out to be by far the WORST BEER I have EVER tasted.

If you think Bud Light, Royal Stout or even Anchor tastes bad, you ain't tasted Miller Lite yet. Heck, I couldn't even bloody FINISH it, and you all know what a sacrilege I think it is NOT to finish your beer.

What does it taste like? Fuck knows, but it sure don't taste like beer, that's for sure. It's not bitter, sweet or even remotely anything. Heck, it's more like beer-flavored water than anything. Think a REALLY REALLY watered down Anchor. Or a mixture of beer and that sparkling mineral water that Europeans are so fond of. THAT'S how it tastes like.

And the alcohol content? WHAT alcohol content? It's supposed to have 4.2% alcohol, but heck, even JOLLY SHANDY probably has more alcohol kick than this piss.

FUCK knows how it managed to win all those Gold Awards in the World Beer Cup. Oh wait, it won for 'Best American-Style Light Lager'... well, if THIS is the best of the American lagers, I don't really want to taste the rest lor...

On the upside, I tried this pretty awesome Fat Tire Amber Ale at the Cheesecake Factory the other day, which I think is one of the best ales I've tried so far. Not bad for an American beer...

Monday, 28 July 2008

Eyeris @ Comic-Con: Flabby Superheroes and Walking Bananas

What's Comic-Con without the costumes, eh? You couldn't really walk around the place without bumping into Batman, Wonder Woman, and one of the dozens of Jokers, Stormtroopers and Princess Leias in gold bikinis.

While the The Star Wars costumes were out in full force as usual, there was also a HUGE number of Jokers walking around the place, , some were really campy, some were really really good.

As for the other costumes, I spotted way too many to describe, ranging from anime characters ( I saw one really cool Bleach costume, complete with that huge ass sword), superheroes (it's fine in comics and the movies, but normal ordinary people with 'spare tyres' have no business prancing around in spandex tights), movie characters, and the odd banana or two.

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take pictures of ALL of them, but here are some of the ones that I DID manage to catch. Sorry if the pictures are fuzzy, I was too busy running up and down the place, and some of these were taken while on the go...

First up, you've seen this Dragonball one in the previous post, but it was so cool I had to post it again, together with his companion Bulma (apparently that's not Bulma - its one of the Androids sent to kil Goku. Goes to show how long it's been since I read the manga):

And like I said, there were lots of Jokers around. This was one of my favorites, and even comes complete with his personal Harley Quinn!

This other joker was very Alex-Ross. Very tall too. I doubt he's a match for Bumblebee though:

Yes, that's a Bumblebee COSTUME you see there. It is one hell of a cool costume too.

Someone's trying to touch his gun, LOL.

Too bad he got his head chopped off by this chick here:

It ain't much of a Barricade costume, but I give it my thumbs up for that message painted across her er.. headlights:

Since we're on the subject of Transformers, here's a Starscream one:

I missed the Optimus Prime one though. I saw it going by but didn't have time to snap a picture.

And then there were the Princess Leia in gold bikinis:

Now that is one blur-looking Han Solo.

oh, and check out the tattoo on one of them. the picture is a bit blur because I zoomed in from afar, because I didn't have the balls to walk up to her and ask, "Can I take a picture of your ass?"....

Them lucky turtles. Not these ones though:

Anyone who'd dressed up in THAT can't be getting laid much. haha.

Now that we're on the subject of hot chicks, people were actually lining up to pose like that with that chick in the costume from the Spirit. LOL.

And then, there were the superhero chicks:

And more of them spandex-clad Superdudes:

This Wolverine was pretty cool:

But Lara Croft (or rather, Jill Valentine from Resident Evil according to Ted) needs to go on diet, me thinks. Heh.

Some of the costumes were damn elaborate:

Some NOT so elaborate:

Some were downright funny:

Captain Planet-wannabe drinks Starbucks wtf.

But most of them were damn cool, and fitted right into the spirit of Comic-Con. Without these flamboyant characters around, Comic-Con would be downright boring.

And besides, what other place would you see THIS dude walking around:


Eyeris @ Comic-Con: Third Day Laze

And so it was that the third day of SDCC came, and I was too lazy to go rushing around the panels and talks anymore.

There was nothing much on anyway, since all the cool ones had already been held on Friday and Saturday. The most notable ones today were the Supernatural and the Smallville panels, and I'm not really THAT big a fan of those shows, really.

So what did I do today? Well, for one, I actually went to the convention center EARLY for once, at 10am, and for the first time I managed to get my grubby hands on a col GINORMOUS canvas bag that had Supernatural and Smallville on them. I wish I'd gotten the Watchmen on they were giving out on Friday or the Pushing Daisies/Chuck ones yesterday, but one ginormous bag is better than nothing, eh?

So, since I was too lazy to go around the panels anymore, I spent the day just wandering around the exhibition hall taking pictures and collecting swag. I got more posters (mostly TV shows posters though), and some other goodies.

Oh, I DID manage to get some of the stuff I brought here autographed though. I was lepaking at the DC booth the same time Grant Morrison was doing signings there. I lucked out because I managed to convince the security to let me in to sign JUST ONE THING PLEASE PLEASE PLASE and they agreed because Mr Morrison still had a couple of minutes to spare. So I am now a proud owner of a signed copy of Batman: Gothic #1. Whee!!!

I was also around the Icon comics booth, and came across some Kabuki comics and a bust. I asked how much the bust was, and the guy at the booth in turn asked me whether I had read 'My comics". Yes, HIS comics. the guy was non other than David Mack himself, the writer and artist of Kabuki. And I didn't even know that. I told him yeah, I kinda liked them, and a few of my friends back home are also huge fans of it; and he was nice enough to give me a couple of free copies of Kabuki: The Alchemy AND signed them for me too. What a nice guy, huh?

Ok, fine, I also bought that bust, which is probably partly why he was so generous too. But he IS a rather nice guy, actually.

Other than stalking famous comic artists, I also went around taking pictures of toys and people in weird costumes. But those pictures are for the next post. I'm too lazy to go through them and edit them right now. Besides, I gotta go tally up the final freebie count. WHEE!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Eyeris @ Comic-Con: Second Day Craze

My second day in Comic-Con. and the craziest one of the three days I'm here. I had panel after panel and interviews after interviews today, and it all ended with a wild dash out of town to catch a bus that was headed to a movie, but I ended up missing the shuttle by ten minutes, so I ended up having dinner with Su Yin (who happened to be in San Diego on holiday) and her friends at Cheesecake Factory instead.

Despite of the hectic schedule, today still turned out to be pretty fruitful in terms of the free stuff I got, and the exclusive stuff I saw. Here are some of the highlights of the day for me:

1) McG was at the Terminator Salvation panel with some of the cast (no Christian Bale, unfortunately, but Bryce Dallas Howard is freaking hot), and we saw some really really cool footage of the upcoming movie. There was no visual effects in it yet (they're still shooting it), but from this first look, it's looking damn awesome.

2) Went to the Chuck panel, and spent the entire time gawking at Yvonne Strahovski, who is damn hot in person. And I mean REALLY hot. And while I'm on the subject of hot celebrities, Summer Glau and the cast of Sarah Connor Chronicles were doing signings at the WB booth. Summer is also HOT, especially since she doesn't have to act er... robotic.

3) Spent fifteen minutes waiting patiently at the Paramount booth waiting for them to pass out the Star Trek posters. Managed not only to grab a complete set of four posters, but also a limited edition Iron Man DVD cover, with a holographic cover that features all the three incarnations of the suit. SWEEEET.

4) Woke up early to catch the Heroes panel where they were supposed to preview Season 3, but when I got there, there was a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG line of people waiting to get into the hall, stretching almost 2km long, all the way AROUND the entire building to the seaside. Decided to sod it and go grab freebies instead.

5) So yeah, I missed the Heroes panel. AND the Pixar panel. AND the Sarah Connor panel. And those were the ones I REALLY wanted to go to. Sighhhhh....

6) Dropped by the panel featuring Tori Amos for ten minutes, but it was a little boring, so I decided to run over to the John Howe panel instead. Am now kicking myself for missing his autograph session later on, where they were giving out an exclusive print of one of his paintings.

7) Interviewed Frank Miller! And even got my Sin City TP signed! WOOHOO!

8) Other swag I managed to get my grubby hands on:
  • Lisa Simpson paper fan
  • Terminator Salvation T-Shirt
  • MAD Magazine 'Arthur P. Newman for President' buttons
  • Heroes button
  • Comic-Con exclusive Minimates
And a whole lot of other junk that I'm too lazy to write about now. And I'm too lazy to edit the pictures and post them too. I'll do a full picture post later. Now I'm fucking tired, and really need to get some sleep.

Oh well, at least tomorrow will be a breeze because I don't have anymore interviews to do, so I will have the whole day to really wander around and grab as much freebies as I can. Hehehe.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Eyeris @ Comic-Con: First Day Daze

It may be Sunday in Malaysia, but it's still Saturday here in San Diego; and I'm just going into my second day at the San Diego Comic Con (though it's the third day of the convention already). It's been a blast so far - so much to see, so much to do, so much to hear, and so much gawk at.

This is without doubt THE BEST experience I've had as a pop culture fanboy (and I call myself that loudly and proudly); and the first time I'm surrounded by SO MANY people who love the same things I do, who go crazy over the latest cool toys, and who do not give a damn about how shallow a movie is as long as it looks cool.

So what did I do today? Hell of a lot. Here's what I did, in point form and chronological order:

10am: Sat next to V (from V for Vendetta, duh) on the shuttle bus to the San Diego Convention Center, which is about ten blocks away from the very typical Americana inn/motel I'm staying in.

10:15am: Got off bus and walked into the MASSIVE exhibition hall where thousands of fans are milling around hundreds of booths displaying everything from the latest toys, movies, comcis, books, video games etc etc. I spot Darth Vader buying a Transformer toy. I'm in a daze - there's so much to do and so much to see that I don't know where to begin...

11am: Head to Hall H, where the Watchmen panel is gonna be held. I head in there with relative ease; just twenty minutes later, a LOOOONG line forms outside. I heard later people were lining up for close to an hour just to get inside, because all the cool exclusive panels are held there.

11:55am: The Watchmen panel starts, and we get to see some very COOL exclusive footage of the movie. Zack Snyder, and some of the cast are there, as well as Dave Gibbons, the artist of Watchmen.

1pm: Rush up to the other level of the center for the Watchmen print interviews, pausing to grab an exclusive Watchmen T-shirt at the DC booth, and take a picture of a real-life Goku from Dragonball.

1:30pm: Get pissed off at a stupid American journalist who keeps wasting 3 minutes of our ten minutes with the talents by asking them to 'introduce your character' when he really should have fucking done his homework or at least READ THE BLOODY BOOK BEFORE coming for the interviews.

2:30pm: After the interviews, I spend hours just walking around the exhibition hall, soaking in the atmosphere, grabbing free posters and T-shirts, and taking pictures of Princess Leia in a gold bikini (there were several there, actually, some who really have no business wearing a bikini in the first place. BUEK!)

4:30pm: Head to Room 20 where I manage to sneak into the Bones panel, where we watched about 15 minutes of an episode from Season 4. Booth, Angela, Cam and Sweets were there. Bones herself, sadly, was not. :-(

5:30pm: Walk around the exhibition hall some more. Lined up for some Twilight freebies, joined the mad rush for some Star Trek character posters (Got the Kirk and Uhura ones, need to go back for the Spock and bad guy ones), and went over to the Gentle Giants booth to get my Convention Exclusive Tom Bombadil bust. WHEE!

7pm: Took the shuttle bus back to the hotel to dump my swag (I've got two big bags and a poster tube so far); and to take a nap.

9pm: Headed to the cinema to watch a preview of Tropic Thunder. Movie Not-review to come, but to cut a long story short, I don't know HOW the heck they are going to get this into Malaysia without it getting chopped to smithereens.

11pm: Head home, tired but still buzzing. Two more days here, and today's the busy busy one. WHEE!


Friday, 25 July 2008

The Amsterdam Amble: Eyeris-less Pictures Without The Usual Boring Pictures of Buildings.

If you haven't noticed already, I don't usually take pictures of myself. In fact, I hardly take any pictures at all, and as for camwhoring, I completely suck at that (I should know, I tried it once and ended up taking a picture of my ear and half a tram).

So most of my pictures from my travels consist of pictures of buildings, statues, and the occasional interesting sight. No people at all. It's come to a point where some people actually asked who exactly visited the country I was at when looking through my pictures.

Anyway, I shall not bore you with pictures of buildings this time, mainly because most of the buildings in Amsterdam look rather the same - either the narrow canal buildings, old churches (with roughly the same architecture), or museums. Ho hum, right?

And since no one likes to look at statues (much), that leaves the 'interesting bits' then. And here we.... GO.

Ok, so it's a statue.

But it's not just any statue. It's a monument to 'Sex Workers All Over the World' and is obviously right smack in the middle of the Red Light District, and in front of a church, at that. That's not all, nearby, is this little thingy on the floor.

Don't ask me what the heck it symbolises. Maybe it means that hands will grope boobs even if they're on the floor. It's even mentioned in Lonely Planet, BTW.

And here, in the square called The Dam, is a statue of the most evil dude in the universe:

Oh wait. It's just a busker. Bah.

I kinda like these bicycle cabs though:

And the fact that their dogs can't shit:

Well, their dogs can't shit, but their men can pee though, and very publically too. They even have some very public urinals for them:

Just stand there and aim for the hole! Girls not allowed, unless you really want to, of course.

And finally for this post, here's something Chinese:

In One HOUR? If this were in Malaysia it'd have gone out of business long time ago, considering how much we can eat in an hour...

Thursday, 24 July 2008

The Amsterdam Amble: Fishy Dutch Sashimi and The Sweet Nectar of Life.

Yes, I promised posts about Amsterdam. I'm probably halfway to San Diego by now, and if I don't post from here on, that means I was too lazy to post anymore before I left. Heh.

Anyway, here's the first Amsterdam post, about the food I ate there.

Remembere I mentioned something about beer and BBQ spare ribs by the seaside in the other post? Well, here are the spare ribs:

And whole stick of ribs there costs 5 euros, which while expensive if converted into RM, is actually cheap by THEIR standards. And they were quite good too.

While at the Noordwjik street market, I also tried this thing called Poffertjes:

Which just turned out to be little pancakes that tasted mostly of flour. Bah. My Holland culinary experience was not turning out very well.

Thank god then, for that sweet nectar of life... BEER:

Heineken is still the dominant brand there, and since we have that here anyway, I won't post pictures of it. The two brands you see above are Holland brands - one on the right is Amstel, which is not bad, and the other one is actually a seasonal beer that is only brewed during this season. At least that's what the bartender told me. It's not bad, I kinda liked it. Don't ask me to describe how it tasted though. I ain't no food blogger. I just like beer. heh.

When I was there, the Heineken brewery was closed for renovation, so I couldn't go and grab my three free beers and tour. But I DID have lots of beer there though, on account that the beer is actually cheaper than the mineral water; and it rained so much that I was hopping into pubs to for shelter and drinking beer each time. Any excuse to drink beer is good enough for me. :D

Anyway, one of the more quintessentially Dutch foods I ate there was raw herring. I actually had it in a bun:

Whereas apparently, the proper Dutch way to eat raw herring is like this:

Ok, maybe not.

It tasted a bit fishy (duh) and it's not exactly to everyone's taste (think sashimi, but with a fishier smell), but it was not bad.

Not being very adventurous (nothing to be adventurous about, foodwise, in Holland anyway), I mostly stuck with kebabs and broodjes (sandwiches) throughout my two days on my own there. They were cheaper too. I got no money mar.

Of course, by the end of the trip, I was a little sick of eating sandwiches and kebab all the time, so while I was walking around I came across this Chinese takout called 'Wok to Go', and decided, 'what the heck, might as well see how it's like'.

I ordered something called 'Balinese Chicken Sauce' with noodles or something like that, and it looked like this.

It sucked.

Tasted like a really bad version of sweet and sour chicken. The noodles were surprisingly ok though. But I really should have stuck with the broodjes.