Friday, 25 July 2008

The Amsterdam Amble: Eyeris-less Pictures Without The Usual Boring Pictures of Buildings.

If you haven't noticed already, I don't usually take pictures of myself. In fact, I hardly take any pictures at all, and as for camwhoring, I completely suck at that (I should know, I tried it once and ended up taking a picture of my ear and half a tram).

So most of my pictures from my travels consist of pictures of buildings, statues, and the occasional interesting sight. No people at all. It's come to a point where some people actually asked who exactly visited the country I was at when looking through my pictures.

Anyway, I shall not bore you with pictures of buildings this time, mainly because most of the buildings in Amsterdam look rather the same - either the narrow canal buildings, old churches (with roughly the same architecture), or museums. Ho hum, right?

And since no one likes to look at statues (much), that leaves the 'interesting bits' then. And here we.... GO.

Ok, so it's a statue.

But it's not just any statue. It's a monument to 'Sex Workers All Over the World' and is obviously right smack in the middle of the Red Light District, and in front of a church, at that. That's not all, nearby, is this little thingy on the floor.

Don't ask me what the heck it symbolises. Maybe it means that hands will grope boobs even if they're on the floor. It's even mentioned in Lonely Planet, BTW.

And here, in the square called The Dam, is a statue of the most evil dude in the universe:

Oh wait. It's just a busker. Bah.

I kinda like these bicycle cabs though:

And the fact that their dogs can't shit:

Well, their dogs can't shit, but their men can pee though, and very publically too. They even have some very public urinals for them:

Just stand there and aim for the hole! Girls not allowed, unless you really want to, of course.

And finally for this post, here's something Chinese:

In One HOUR? If this were in Malaysia it'd have gone out of business long time ago, considering how much we can eat in an hour...

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