Thursday, 24 July 2008

The Amsterdam Amble: Fishy Dutch Sashimi and The Sweet Nectar of Life.

Yes, I promised posts about Amsterdam. I'm probably halfway to San Diego by now, and if I don't post from here on, that means I was too lazy to post anymore before I left. Heh.

Anyway, here's the first Amsterdam post, about the food I ate there.

Remembere I mentioned something about beer and BBQ spare ribs by the seaside in the other post? Well, here are the spare ribs:

And whole stick of ribs there costs 5 euros, which while expensive if converted into RM, is actually cheap by THEIR standards. And they were quite good too.

While at the Noordwjik street market, I also tried this thing called Poffertjes:

Which just turned out to be little pancakes that tasted mostly of flour. Bah. My Holland culinary experience was not turning out very well.

Thank god then, for that sweet nectar of life... BEER:

Heineken is still the dominant brand there, and since we have that here anyway, I won't post pictures of it. The two brands you see above are Holland brands - one on the right is Amstel, which is not bad, and the other one is actually a seasonal beer that is only brewed during this season. At least that's what the bartender told me. It's not bad, I kinda liked it. Don't ask me to describe how it tasted though. I ain't no food blogger. I just like beer. heh.

When I was there, the Heineken brewery was closed for renovation, so I couldn't go and grab my three free beers and tour. But I DID have lots of beer there though, on account that the beer is actually cheaper than the mineral water; and it rained so much that I was hopping into pubs to for shelter and drinking beer each time. Any excuse to drink beer is good enough for me. :D

Anyway, one of the more quintessentially Dutch foods I ate there was raw herring. I actually had it in a bun:

Whereas apparently, the proper Dutch way to eat raw herring is like this:

Ok, maybe not.

It tasted a bit fishy (duh) and it's not exactly to everyone's taste (think sashimi, but with a fishier smell), but it was not bad.

Not being very adventurous (nothing to be adventurous about, foodwise, in Holland anyway), I mostly stuck with kebabs and broodjes (sandwiches) throughout my two days on my own there. They were cheaper too. I got no money mar.

Of course, by the end of the trip, I was a little sick of eating sandwiches and kebab all the time, so while I was walking around I came across this Chinese takout called 'Wok to Go', and decided, 'what the heck, might as well see how it's like'.

I ordered something called 'Balinese Chicken Sauce' with noodles or something like that, and it looked like this.

It sucked.

Tasted like a really bad version of sweet and sour chicken. The noodles were surprisingly ok though. But I really should have stuck with the broodjes.

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