Monday, 14 July 2008


Not a Review.
Helloooo WALL-E!
All together now....
Most adorable robot evar!
And best movie of the year!
All the way up there with The Dark Knight!

What an amazing movie.
What a wonderful, wonderful movie.
You will believe that robots can emote.
You will believe that robots can hold hands.
And most of all,
You will believe that robots can love.
More romantic than most live action movies put together,
And these are two ROBOTS, for gods sake.

Seeing him onscreen is like seeing an old friend.
Considering how much I've been seeing of him,
Trailers, pictures, everything, I've seen them all!
And it STILL can't beat actually watching the movie.
He is my favorite robot EVER!
Besides Optimus Prime, of course.
Though he wouldn't even have to kick Megatron's ass,
He'd just cute him to death!

To all those idiots who think Pixar is preaching,
Siapa termakan cili siapa terasa pedas.
Take a look around you.
See anything familiar?
If you don't understand what they were 'preaching' about,
You truly deserve to be shot into space.

Is it Pixar's best movie ever?
Not sure, but it's close.
Oh, VERY close.
It's definitely ONE of the best.
Even I don't know which is the best actually.
I love them ALL!!!
And next year, the only way is UP!!!!

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