Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Batman Week on EoE: Stupid Bats!

My apologies for having to postpone Pixar week until later. Apparently the damn movie is only opening in August 14 in Malaysia... Boohoo. But then again, I might be watching it a lot sonner than I thought after all... heh heh he.

Anyway, The Dark Knight is opening soon,on the 17th July to be exact (I will of course, be watching it WAAAAY before all you mere mortals. BUAHAHAHAHA), so I shall change Pixar Week to Batman Week instead. Besides, I still have those two premiere tickets to give away (the dateline for the contest is this Friday, BTW. If you think the contest is too hard, then too bad. You could always go check out KY's contest, where you only need to DRAW Batman, or wait for Suanie and FA's contests, which apparently will be a lot simpler. heh.

Anyway... I've gone a little mad over the Dark Knight posters that have been released, and have managed to get my hands on a lot of the coolest ones that have been released so far. I either bought them, or got them from my er.. usual sources.

These are my favorites so far....

These is definitely my favorite. I like it so much I bought a SECOND one after the first one was damaged by the idiots at Pos Malaysia. And since then, Heath Ledger died, and the poster has been recalled. The price of it now? SGD110 at Popcornpop.

And then here's my second favorite one I have now:

I got this free. teehee! It's le awesomes. I got it together with the next one:

Which is cool, but not as le awesome. It's not even as awesome as the next one I have here:

Definitely one of the more atmospheric ones, innit?

The FIRST poster I got though, was this one:


Then there's the character posters:

Which are actually banners, not posters, so chances of me getting my hands on these are VERY VERY slim indeed.

The one I REALLY WANT though, is this one:

It's the most striking one of the bunch, because of the contrast between the bleak Gotham background and the Joker's purple jacket.

And now, behold the NEWEST poster released for The Dark Knight so far...


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