Thursday, 31 July 2008

Bob is the Dude Playing the Dude Disguised as Another Dude!

Tropic Thunder.
Not a Review.
Good luck watching this in Malaysia,
It's going to be censored half to hell,
Because of all the swearing.
You'd probably be better off getting it from Uncle Ho,
But don't tell anyone I told you that.
(Oh, and since I'm in the gloating mood)
(The Dark Knight is bloody AWESOME in IMAX) :D

Funniest all out comedy of the year.
Got some decent action too,
But that ain't the point.
The point is it's a funny comedy,
That doesn't pretend to be anything else,
Other than a stupid comedy about stupid actors.
Stupid actors stuck in a war zone,
Stupidly thinking they're still shooting a stupid movie.
Can't get as silly as that, eh?

What you expect?
It's got Ben Stiller
(Bloody annoying as ever)
It's got Jack Black
(Bloody flatulent as ever)
It's got Tom Cruise
(Where where you say? You'll never guess, I say)
And it's got Robert Downey Jr.

See that guy with the buffalo?
That's Tony, Stark, that is.
Yup, good old Downey Jr.
He's brilliant, I tell ya,
Only he could pull of playing an Australian playing a black dude.
He's the dude, playing the dude, disguised as another dude!
This year is the year of Downey Jr!
(And Ledger too, but don't tell Robert that)

It's stupid, it's silly,
It's dumb as hell.
and it's gonna be chopped up like hell,
Which is a pity,
Because the best lines are the most foul mouthed ones.
And it's also bloody funny.
Though some parts tried TOO hard to be funny,
And would have mad the film unbearable,
If not for that awesome Stark dude.

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