Thursday, 10 July 2008

The Dark Knight Returns With a Brilliant Killing Joke

The Dark Knight.
Not a Review.
I'm still buzzing.
Still in shock.
Still stunned.
It just blew my mind away.
Yes, the Dark Knight Returns.
But it's a Killing Joke instead.
All hail the greatest superhero movie ever made.

The Batman is cool.
The Batmobile is cool.
The Batpod is cool.
No scratch that.
The Batpod is WICKED.
Bruce Wayne is so-so,
But his butler is great.

Harvey Dent (great)
Jim Gordon (great)
Maggie (not so great)
Edison Chen (where???)
So much more to talk about,
But all those somehow seem less important.
Because this movie is brilliant because of one guy.

One guy with nothing but knives and lint.
One guy with no name, and no other alias'
One insane, psychotic guy.
One guy who cuts a swath across the movie,
And would cut Iron Man's throat through all that titanium.
And make Hulk turn purple in reverence.

The Joker.
What a psycho.
What a brilliant psycho
What a brilliantly scary psycho.
What a brilliantly scarily twisted psycho.
What a brilliantly scarily twisted, dark psycho.
What a brilliantly scarily twisted, dark and sadistic psycho.

He's not so serious.
But still dead serious.
He'd put a smile on your face,
And then cut the whole face off.
Complete utter chaotic madness,
Complimented with a streak of cold ruthlessness.
This is almost the perfect embodiment of a Killing Joke Joker.

This is everything you hoped for in a Joker.
The heck with Jack Nicholson.
And all that tacky Adam West cheese.
Fuck all that stupid clown business.
THIS is the greatest Joker EVER.
After this, you'll be even sadder that Heath is gone.
Give the man an Oscar already.

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