Monday, 21 July 2008

Don't Call Me a Blogger Either.

Yeah, what Fireangel said.
I ain't a blogger.
I don't call myself a blogger.
I'm a writer, who happens to have a blog.
There's a difference, ok?
There's a REASON why I've stayed anonymous all this while,
I don't blog for the sake of free invites.
(I get a lot of those WITHOUT the blog anyway, HAH!)
I don't blog for the sake of money,
And I certainly don't blog just so I can call myself a 'blogger'.
Calling yourself a 'blogger' sounds so silly.
It's like 'I don't have a proper job, but I'm a BLOGGER!'
Bugger that, blogger.
And stop pretending you're 'journalists'
Of some kind of 'New Media'.
Blogs are a form of mass media, true,
But that don't make bloggers journalists.
When I go to a press conference to talk to some celebrity,
I do that because I have a JOB to do,
And not just because some ad agency asked me to.
So stop asking stupid questions and wasting our time, ok?
Some of us actually have a proper ARTICLE to write.
Not some half-baked post about how bad the food was,
Or a post full of pictures to show off how cool you look next to said celebrity.
That's why I only link those blogs I deem worth reading.
Or unless you're a good friend or a long-time regular.
And by 'READING' I mean the blogs actually have something worth READING.
I don't care much about my traffic too, BTW.
I'm happy with what I have,
Besides, it's WHO is reading my blog that matters,
I much rather have people READING my posts,
And not just ogling hot chicks.
Speaking of which,
Even if you're going to post pictures of hot girls,
Can you post pictures of JUST THE GIRLS please kthxbai.
Oh since I'm talking about blogging,
Might as well rant some more.
AGAIN, actually.
About this so-called 'blogging guru',
Who insists that most blogs out there are not 'blogs'
Fuck that shit, old fart,
Who cares about so-called 'classic blogging'
With links + comments and all?
Who are YOU to judge how somebody should blog?
And don't get me started on 'blog celebs'.
I've seen bigger, more REAL celebs with smaller egos.
At least THEY don't demand for stuff just because 'I HAVE A BLOG'
And don't threaten to BLOG ABOUT YOU if they're pissed.
And that so-called recent blog war?
Please lar.
They are BOTH talentless schmucks as far as I'm concerned.
I need to run now,
For more, go read what Fireangel said,
Now SHE'S a blogger you should be reading more.

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