Monday, 28 July 2008

Eyeris @ Comic-Con: Flabby Superheroes and Walking Bananas

What's Comic-Con without the costumes, eh? You couldn't really walk around the place without bumping into Batman, Wonder Woman, and one of the dozens of Jokers, Stormtroopers and Princess Leias in gold bikinis.

While the The Star Wars costumes were out in full force as usual, there was also a HUGE number of Jokers walking around the place, , some were really campy, some were really really good.

As for the other costumes, I spotted way too many to describe, ranging from anime characters ( I saw one really cool Bleach costume, complete with that huge ass sword), superheroes (it's fine in comics and the movies, but normal ordinary people with 'spare tyres' have no business prancing around in spandex tights), movie characters, and the odd banana or two.

Unfortunately, I didn't manage to take pictures of ALL of them, but here are some of the ones that I DID manage to catch. Sorry if the pictures are fuzzy, I was too busy running up and down the place, and some of these were taken while on the go...

First up, you've seen this Dragonball one in the previous post, but it was so cool I had to post it again, together with his companion Bulma (apparently that's not Bulma - its one of the Androids sent to kil Goku. Goes to show how long it's been since I read the manga):

And like I said, there were lots of Jokers around. This was one of my favorites, and even comes complete with his personal Harley Quinn!

This other joker was very Alex-Ross. Very tall too. I doubt he's a match for Bumblebee though:

Yes, that's a Bumblebee COSTUME you see there. It is one hell of a cool costume too.

Someone's trying to touch his gun, LOL.

Too bad he got his head chopped off by this chick here:

It ain't much of a Barricade costume, but I give it my thumbs up for that message painted across her er.. headlights:

Since we're on the subject of Transformers, here's a Starscream one:

I missed the Optimus Prime one though. I saw it going by but didn't have time to snap a picture.

And then there were the Princess Leia in gold bikinis:

Now that is one blur-looking Han Solo.

oh, and check out the tattoo on one of them. the picture is a bit blur because I zoomed in from afar, because I didn't have the balls to walk up to her and ask, "Can I take a picture of your ass?"....

Them lucky turtles. Not these ones though:

Anyone who'd dressed up in THAT can't be getting laid much. haha.

Now that we're on the subject of hot chicks, people were actually lining up to pose like that with that chick in the costume from the Spirit. LOL.

And then, there were the superhero chicks:

And more of them spandex-clad Superdudes:

This Wolverine was pretty cool:

But Lara Croft (or rather, Jill Valentine from Resident Evil according to Ted) needs to go on diet, me thinks. Heh.

Some of the costumes were damn elaborate:

Some NOT so elaborate:

Some were downright funny:

Captain Planet-wannabe drinks Starbucks wtf.

But most of them were damn cool, and fitted right into the spirit of Comic-Con. Without these flamboyant characters around, Comic-Con would be downright boring.

And besides, what other place would you see THIS dude walking around:


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