Sunday, 27 July 2008

Eyeris @ Comic-Con: Second Day Craze

My second day in Comic-Con. and the craziest one of the three days I'm here. I had panel after panel and interviews after interviews today, and it all ended with a wild dash out of town to catch a bus that was headed to a movie, but I ended up missing the shuttle by ten minutes, so I ended up having dinner with Su Yin (who happened to be in San Diego on holiday) and her friends at Cheesecake Factory instead.

Despite of the hectic schedule, today still turned out to be pretty fruitful in terms of the free stuff I got, and the exclusive stuff I saw. Here are some of the highlights of the day for me:

1) McG was at the Terminator Salvation panel with some of the cast (no Christian Bale, unfortunately, but Bryce Dallas Howard is freaking hot), and we saw some really really cool footage of the upcoming movie. There was no visual effects in it yet (they're still shooting it), but from this first look, it's looking damn awesome.

2) Went to the Chuck panel, and spent the entire time gawking at Yvonne Strahovski, who is damn hot in person. And I mean REALLY hot. And while I'm on the subject of hot celebrities, Summer Glau and the cast of Sarah Connor Chronicles were doing signings at the WB booth. Summer is also HOT, especially since she doesn't have to act er... robotic.

3) Spent fifteen minutes waiting patiently at the Paramount booth waiting for them to pass out the Star Trek posters. Managed not only to grab a complete set of four posters, but also a limited edition Iron Man DVD cover, with a holographic cover that features all the three incarnations of the suit. SWEEEET.

4) Woke up early to catch the Heroes panel where they were supposed to preview Season 3, but when I got there, there was a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG line of people waiting to get into the hall, stretching almost 2km long, all the way AROUND the entire building to the seaside. Decided to sod it and go grab freebies instead.

5) So yeah, I missed the Heroes panel. AND the Pixar panel. AND the Sarah Connor panel. And those were the ones I REALLY wanted to go to. Sighhhhh....

6) Dropped by the panel featuring Tori Amos for ten minutes, but it was a little boring, so I decided to run over to the John Howe panel instead. Am now kicking myself for missing his autograph session later on, where they were giving out an exclusive print of one of his paintings.

7) Interviewed Frank Miller! And even got my Sin City TP signed! WOOHOO!

8) Other swag I managed to get my grubby hands on:
  • Lisa Simpson paper fan
  • Terminator Salvation T-Shirt
  • MAD Magazine 'Arthur P. Newman for President' buttons
  • Heroes button
  • Comic-Con exclusive Minimates
And a whole lot of other junk that I'm too lazy to write about now. And I'm too lazy to edit the pictures and post them too. I'll do a full picture post later. Now I'm fucking tired, and really need to get some sleep.

Oh well, at least tomorrow will be a breeze because I don't have anymore interviews to do, so I will have the whole day to really wander around and grab as much freebies as I can. Hehehe.

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