Saturday, 26 July 2008

Eyeris @ Comic-Con: First Day Daze

It may be Sunday in Malaysia, but it's still Saturday here in San Diego; and I'm just going into my second day at the San Diego Comic Con (though it's the third day of the convention already). It's been a blast so far - so much to see, so much to do, so much to hear, and so much gawk at.

This is without doubt THE BEST experience I've had as a pop culture fanboy (and I call myself that loudly and proudly); and the first time I'm surrounded by SO MANY people who love the same things I do, who go crazy over the latest cool toys, and who do not give a damn about how shallow a movie is as long as it looks cool.

So what did I do today? Hell of a lot. Here's what I did, in point form and chronological order:

10am: Sat next to V (from V for Vendetta, duh) on the shuttle bus to the San Diego Convention Center, which is about ten blocks away from the very typical Americana inn/motel I'm staying in.

10:15am: Got off bus and walked into the MASSIVE exhibition hall where thousands of fans are milling around hundreds of booths displaying everything from the latest toys, movies, comcis, books, video games etc etc. I spot Darth Vader buying a Transformer toy. I'm in a daze - there's so much to do and so much to see that I don't know where to begin...

11am: Head to Hall H, where the Watchmen panel is gonna be held. I head in there with relative ease; just twenty minutes later, a LOOOONG line forms outside. I heard later people were lining up for close to an hour just to get inside, because all the cool exclusive panels are held there.

11:55am: The Watchmen panel starts, and we get to see some very COOL exclusive footage of the movie. Zack Snyder, and some of the cast are there, as well as Dave Gibbons, the artist of Watchmen.

1pm: Rush up to the other level of the center for the Watchmen print interviews, pausing to grab an exclusive Watchmen T-shirt at the DC booth, and take a picture of a real-life Goku from Dragonball.

1:30pm: Get pissed off at a stupid American journalist who keeps wasting 3 minutes of our ten minutes with the talents by asking them to 'introduce your character' when he really should have fucking done his homework or at least READ THE BLOODY BOOK BEFORE coming for the interviews.

2:30pm: After the interviews, I spend hours just walking around the exhibition hall, soaking in the atmosphere, grabbing free posters and T-shirts, and taking pictures of Princess Leia in a gold bikini (there were several there, actually, some who really have no business wearing a bikini in the first place. BUEK!)

4:30pm: Head to Room 20 where I manage to sneak into the Bones panel, where we watched about 15 minutes of an episode from Season 4. Booth, Angela, Cam and Sweets were there. Bones herself, sadly, was not. :-(

5:30pm: Walk around the exhibition hall some more. Lined up for some Twilight freebies, joined the mad rush for some Star Trek character posters (Got the Kirk and Uhura ones, need to go back for the Spock and bad guy ones), and went over to the Gentle Giants booth to get my Convention Exclusive Tom Bombadil bust. WHEE!

7pm: Took the shuttle bus back to the hotel to dump my swag (I've got two big bags and a poster tube so far); and to take a nap.

9pm: Headed to the cinema to watch a preview of Tropic Thunder. Movie Not-review to come, but to cut a long story short, I don't know HOW the heck they are going to get this into Malaysia without it getting chopped to smithereens.

11pm: Head home, tired but still buzzing. Two more days here, and today's the busy busy one. WHEE!

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