Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The Dark Anime Knight

Batman: Gotham Knight
Not a Review.
Not in cinemas either.
It's a DVD release.
Six different short stories,
Six different animation styles.
Very stylized, very Japanese looking,
Think, Batman in anime form
Complete with anime pretty boy Bruce Wayne,
And strange G-Force-style Batsuit.

It's pretty cool though,
The style reminds me of the edgier anime stuff,
Like Witch Hunter Robin,
Or Ghost in The Shell.
You know, the kind of anime that aren't TOO silly,
Where everyone has stars in their eyes,
And have BIG SWEAT all the time.
This one is cool,
And Batman is cool anyway.

Supposedly tells what happens between the two movies,
That's Batman Begins to The Dark Knight.
Not Batman, and er.. Batman and Robin.
So you know its darker, and more cool.
It's got bits about his training,
About his experiences,
And even one of the Batman's major rogues!

It's not as good as Batman: The Animated Series,
Or even The Batman.
But as something to fill your Batman fix,
In between your 3rd and 4th viewing of The Dark Knight,
It's pretty decent.
And besides, it gives you a taste of what Batman've been like,
If the Japanese had thought him up.
Minus the twinkly eyes and big sweats, of course.

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