Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Hellboy Would Kick Iron Man's Shiny Metal Ass

Super Sapiens II.
Er, I mean, Hellboy II.
The Golden Army
Not a review.
Kicks ass.
Most fun I've had in a movie all summer season.
Kicks Hulk's green ass.
Kicks Iron Man's shiny metal ass.
Would probably kick Batman's batty ass too.
But The Joker would just blow him up though.

Red is awesome.
Kicks all sorts of ass.
The Big Baby is PO-WER.
Blue has a lot more screen time.
Drinks beer and sings too!
Barry Manilow WTF.
Johann Krauss is ze best gaseous organism ever!
He teaches us not to lose fockius!
And check out how he fights the final battle! FOOH!

Blair is cute, somewhat.
No cleavage rating though, damn.
But she's hot.
Literally hot.
Like, REALLY BURNING hot. heh
And apparently the Princess is damn hot in real life.
But here she is too smothered in white paint.
But can tell she's quite cute even then.

Guillermo really went to town with his creatures, didn't he?
All sorts of funny and scary shit all over the place.
The troll market especially.
I think I even saw someone carrying Yoda there.
Then there was the tooth fairies, Mr Wink, Barry Manilow...
That elemental/Jellybean thingy too.
Oh, and that Angel of Death. Foooh.
Very Pan's Labyrinth, that dude.

The Golden Army also KICKS ASS.
They're indistrustible!
Iron Man looks like scrap metal next to THESE guys.
And they'd probably pound him into an IKEA Coffee Table too.
And that Prince Nuada kicks ass too.
He'd probably kick Darth Maul's ass.
If he had a lightsabre, that is.

Yup, most fun summer movie so far.
My favorite one so far too.
All the way up there with Iron Man.
(Which DID have a few 'Toilet Time' moments)
(Which are moments where you go to toilet)
(And know that you aren't missing much)
Guillermo Del Toro ROCKS
Now bring on The Hobbit!
What, 2011 you say?
Awwww CRAP.

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