Monday, 21 July 2008

I Wanted To Believe. I Really Did.

The X-Files.
I Want To Believe
Not a Review.
I want to believe.
I really wanted to believe.
I wanted to believe that this would be good.
And in some ways, it is.
But in other ways,
You'd be better off watching a 2-hour episode of House or CSI.

It's a bit slow.
There's a lot of talk talk talk talk,
And not enough spooky.
But it's the X-files.
It's worth it just to hear THAT theme song.
Gives you the chills.
I couldn't stop whistling it after the show.
And it was funny to hear it when a picture of THAT idiot came up.

(No, this ain't THAT idiot)

Ah, Mulder and Scully.
We've missed you.
Sure, we've seen Mulder a lot in Californication,
(TOO much of him, actually, if I may add)
But damn I've missed Scully.
But both of them damn old oledi.
Ok not THAT old,
But still looking more haggard now.
Scully not so hot anymore.

The story?
Oh, but that would be telling.
Ok fine, its a bit 'HUH? THAT'S IT?"
But it's the X-FILES.
You'll like it if you're an X-Phile.
You won't LOVE it,
But you'll be happy just to see Mulder and Scully together again.
Even if it's not THAT great a movie.
And oh, there's no bee this time either.
Believe me.

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