Wednesday, 23 July 2008

The Pop Culture Fanboy's Ultimate Geekfest

I'm flying off again tomorrow morning, this time around the OTHER side of the world, to the US of A to attend what is the coolest, biggest and most over-crowded fanboy fest in the world - the San Diego Comic Convention.

Singapore Comic Convention be damned, SDCC (or commonly known as Comic-Con) is THE place to be if you're a fan of comics, toys, movies, or just pop culture in general. Every year, the BIGGEST movies preview there first (I'm especially looking forward to the Transformers 2 and Watchmen panels), and all the major comics and toy companies have exhibits there to show off what they're coming up with next.

Needless to say, this ain't no Cannes, Berlin or whatever film fest. Like Empire Magazine says, "Comic-Con is like Cannes, but with more movies you've actually heard of".

Yup, this ain't no place for 'serious film critics', because they'd suffocate and die from all the geeky air exhaled by all the fanboys around them. And the fanboys would probably sniff them out and bonk them with their (plastic) lighsabers.

Anyway, I've always DREAMED of going for Comic-Con. Every year for the past five years, I've stalked websites and blogs that update on what's going on there, and drool over the movie previews and new toys that are shown there. Now I actually get to BE there.

Of course, I'm not looking forward to the bloody 20 hour, 3-stop flight TO San Diego, OR the tonnes of work I'll have to do afterward, but I'm still looking forward to all the cool stuff I get to see there.

Oh BTw, if you're looking for my Amsterdam posts, I'll be posting them later, and if I am hardworking enough, I might even make proper posts and schedule them to publish every day I'm away to San Diego. IF I'm rajin enough lar. If not, then so long suckers, and have fun in whatever cubicle job you're stuck in! :D

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