Tuesday, 1 July 2008

This Hancock Ain't No WillSmithMan

Not a Review.
Not your average superhero either.
(No, this is not for the Nuffnang thingy)
(I already watched it oledi lar, so who needs Nuffnang, eh?)
(Unless they gimme more money, of course)
It's surprisingly good.
For a Will Smith movie.
Heck, it's good for ANY superhero movie.

It's a Will Smith movie,
And he's a SUPERHERO.
Talk about a license to unleash the ego again.
I was expecting an overdose of Will-Smith Ness.
Was expecting WILLSMITHMAN, not Hancock.
Just like I Am Legend turned out to be I AM WILL SMITH.
And Shark Tale turned out to be WillSmith Tale.

This time though, he was ok.
He didn't OVERPOWER the movie with his Will Smith-ness.
He wasn't just being acting like Will Smith.
He was actually ACTING.
And pretty well too.
So yeah, Hancock ain't no Willsmithman.
He ain't no handjob either. heh.

Charlize Theron is HOT.
Hotter than Jolie in Wanted.
But not as hot as Jolie as Mrs Smith.
I love her 'Goth' look.
Oops did I give away a spoiler?
ER... no lar. no spoiler.
Theron Cleavage Rating = 9 out of 10.
And we have a new Cleavage Rating RECORD!

Better than MOST superhero movies, actually.
It's got action, drama, comedy...
Good cast, good acting, good story.
All that's missing is a nude Theron scene.
Hur hur hur.
But I'm happy with the cleavage scenes anyway.
drool drool drool.

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