Monday, 4 August 2008

Eyeris @ Comic-Con: Final Free Swag Count

As much as I liked the traveling I've been doing these couple of weeks, it's great to be finally back home, eating sambal petai, pig organ pepper soup, chicken rice with siew yoke, banana leaf rice... yum yum.

Anyway, this will be my last post on Comic Con. I just got back yesterday, and afte unpacking my bags, I finally have the final tally of Comic Con swag I got. Hehehehe.

This list isn't even a list of ALL the swag I got, just the ones I managed to bring back home. Because of space limitations, I had to leave behind quite a bit of stuff. Sigh. Oh well, the fact that I actually carted ALL of these back from the US is practically a miracle in the first place, and you can pretty much figure out how many bags I had in the end... hehe.

So, here goes:

  • 1 Complete set of FOUR Star Trek character posters featuring Kirk, Spock, Uhura and Nero the bad guy, which I had to fight with dozens of fans for at the Paramount booth. All four posters combine to make one GIGANTIC poster, like the one you see on the right here...
  • 1 original double-sided Twilight poster I got after lining up for about 15 minutes.
  • 1 set of mini GI Joe posters, 3 of them with Scarlet in it (hubba hubba)
  • 1 crummy little Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen poster that featured only the bloody title.
  • More than 20 smaller posters featuring TV shows such as 24, Bones, Sarah Connor Chronicles etc, all of which I picked up while walking around the exhibition.

  • 1 exclusive Comic-Con Watchmen T-shirt, only available from the panel.
  • 2 exclusive Comic-Con Terminator Salvation T-shirts, only available from the panel.
  • 2 T-shirt promoting Push and Knowing that I got after lining up for about 15 minutes (I wanted the Twilight poster)
  • 1 Clone Wars T-shirt featuring Grevious and Asajj Ventriss (bought)
  • 1 Comic-Con convention T-shirt (bought)
  • 1 crummy Death Race T-shirt that I wouldn't wear to save my life.

  • Frank Miller who signed my Sin City TP after the print interviews.
  • Grant Morrison, who quipped, "Wow, that's an old one, innit?" after he signed my Batman: Gothic #1
  • David Mack, who gave me a bunch of signed Kabuki comics when I mentioned to him at his booth that some of my friends really liked Kabuki. He even signed the Kabuki bust I bought from him!

Toys & Collectibles:
  1. 1 signed Kabuki mini bust
  2. 1 exclusive Comic-Con Tom Bombadil mini bust, from Gentle Giant
  3. 1 exclusive Comic-Con Anakin Skywalker mini bust, from Gentle Giant
  4. 4 boxes of exclusive Marvel minimates

Misc stuff:
  • One ginormous canvas/rice bag with Supernatural and Smallville posters on it, which was really useful because I could just dump everything into it.
  • One ginormous Astroboy movie canvas bag
  • 1 limited edition Iron Man DVD cover, with a holographic cover that features all the three incarnations of the suit
  • One FOX poster tube with straps, which I found really useful for carrying all those posters back.
  • One cloth Death Race bag which was useful in the end when I had no space left for all my swag.
  • 1 Lisa Simpson paper fan
  • 1 MAD Magazine 'Arthur P. Newman for President' buttons
  • 1 Heroes collar pin
  • And other misc buttons, dog tags, and other weird shit:

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