Tuesday, 19 August 2008

How could anyone NOT like WALL-E?

Not a Review.
Because I already Not-Reviewed it before HERE.
Also because I watched it THREE times already.
But I just wanna talk about it again.
I don't care if you're already bored of reading about it here.
Because I think it's awesome.
And that more people should go watch it.
Instead of shit like The Mummy 3.

Yesterday I met someone who didn't like WALL-E.
Naturally, I was shocked. Stunned. Flabbergasted.
How could anyone NOT like WALL-E?
How could anyone NOT be charmed by that little bot?
I mean, it's only THE best movie of the year,
(Ok, just slightly ahead of The Dark Knight)
(But only because TDK is too intense to watch TOO many times)

So I thought about it.
Maybe they went in thinking it was 'just a cartoon',
And expected something light and fluffy like Kungfu Panda.
And was disappointed that they had to THINK so much.
And that no one was cracking stupid jokes like Jack Black.
Maybe they thought it was just a Short Circuit rip-off,
And was disappointed that it was so much more serious.
And looked so much better than Johnny Number 5.

It's NOT 'just a cartoon'
It's NOT 'a fluffy kiddy movie'
And it sure ain't a bloody Short Circuit rip-off.
(Please lar don't insult the awesomeness of Pixar)
(By comparing it to that silly movie ok?)
It's WALL-E.
And it's one that you SHOULD go and watch,
AND watch again, and again, and again...

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