Tuesday, 5 August 2008

How to Tell The Difference Between a Journalist and a Blogger: An Expert Guide

  1. One actually has a job to do; the other is just there to camwhore.

  2. One is usually invited by PR people desperate for publicity; the other is desperate for PR people to give them invites.

  3. One is usually too busy running around an event interviewing people to even eat; the other just hangs around taking pictures of food and camwhoring.

  4. One HAS to be serious; the other asks, "why so serious?"

  5. One has to answer to bosses, editors and advertisers; the other only has to think about himself.

  6. One stages walkouts at press conferences when they are treated badly by lousy PR agents; the other bends over backwards for them just so they can go to the after-party and camwhore with the celebrities.

  7. One actually does research and prepares meaningful questions before an interview; the other asks his moronic readers to do that for him.

  8. One respects that we all have a job to do and help each other out by not wasting each other's time; the other makes a fool of everyone else by asking stupid questions during an interview.

  9. One actually knows which club David Bentley plays for (and just transfered to as well); the other has readers who think Blackburn is the new Chelsea.

  10. One would be genuinely interested to interview one of the best goalkeepers in the world; the other thinks he is 'just a 2nd-rate reserve goalkeeper'.

  11. One can't be bothered with local celebrities who think too highly of themselves; the other thinks HE is a local celebrity as well.

  12. One lives and dies by what he writes and is published; the other just edits his posts when he offends someone or when he makes a mistake.

  13. One needs pictures of the actual event to help make the story stronger; the other just takes pictures of himself with celebrities.

  14. One has to come up with a properly structured article and story no matter what answers the interviewee gives; the other just pads his post with pictures of free food and hot chicks.

  15. One gets to see bloody Chelski for free in Malaysia; the other was upset that he had to watch them play in Moscow. Heh.

  16. One is super excited just to get a pass to the MTV Asia Awards; the other just shrugs, smirks, and says, "Bah, I've been to the Grammy Awards." :P

  17. One gets to criticize other people with posts like this; the other could get fired if he tried to put that in the paper.

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