Friday, 15 August 2008

PIXAR WEEK 2008: Presto! The Jackalope Lifted a One Man Band!

WADAYA mean why is it still Pixar Week? Of course it is! WALL-E just opened yesterday, plus I've just watched it twice in two days... so OF COURSE it's still Pixar Week on EOE! :D

Anyway, one of my favorite parts of a watching a Pixar movie is the animated shorts that have preceded every single film they have released, except for Toy Story.

The most recent one, attached in front of WALL-E, is Presto, which is about a magician and his hungry bunny. Words can't describe how funny this short is, so when (and I mean WHEN, not IF) you go watch WALL-E (which you MUST, because it's THE best film of the year, in my biased humble opinion)

I recently bought a DVD (and original one, BTW, I can't bear to buy a pirated Pixar DVD, the snob that I am) of Pixar's animated shorts, and spent the best of 90 minutes going through all their shorts in chronological order, from the most primitive ones ( love the Luxo Jr. lamp shorts) all the way to Lifted, the short that was attached to Ratatouille.

Besides the ones that were not released in the theater in the first place, the only short I had not seen was Geri's Game, which was attached to A Bug's Life; and was OMITTED from the theatrical release in Malaysia back then. GRRRRR.

Anyway, here's a list of my favorite Pixar shorts so far... I'm only going to include the ones that were attached to the films, ok? Am too lazy to go through the whole DVD again...

Here goes!

1) For The Birds (attached to Monsters Inc.) - I'd never laughed so much at such a short film before. everything, from the stupid sounds of the little birds, their expressions and the premise of the whole film was hilarious, and I can watch it over and over again.

2) One Man Band (attached to Cars) - Even those who were not as enamored with Cars as I was remember One Man Band, which was brilliant in its simplicity. Besides, the music was great, and the kid was cute as hell as well.

3) Presto (attached to WALL-E) - Very Looney Tunes (and its not just because of the bunny, mind) and very funny too. The bunny has got to be the cutest ever animated.

4) Knick Knack (attached to Finding Nemo) - I found this memorable because of the contrast between this and Finding Nemo itself. One with slightly more basic animation (the water especially); and the other so much more advanced.

5) Boundin' (attached to The Incredibles) - Cute, fun, and with a damn bloody catchy rhyme too. Who DOESN'T love this?

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