Monday, 11 August 2008

RIP Isaac Hayes, The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer With Chocolate Salty Balls

What a double whammy this week was. First, Bernie Mac passes away at age 50, then Isaac Hayes. Andthe eerie thing is, both of them just finished filming Soul Men with Samuel L. Jackson. Should we be worried for good old Mace Windu then? Nah, stop being so superstitious can or not?

Anyway, Issac Hayes may not exactly be a household name here, but he is actually a three-time Grammy winner and won an Oscar for his theme for the 1971 movie Shaft.

Me, I got to know about him through South PArk, of all things. His character Chef was one of the coolest dudes on the movie, always singing songs about making love and his chocolate salty balls. Too bad he fell out with Trey Parker and Matt Stone over their Scientology episode. But at least Chef went out with one heck of a death scene.

So rest in peace, Isaac Hayes - Soul Man, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, and singer of Shaft and Chocloate Salty Balls.

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