Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Taxi Mati Plans Transatlantic Styrofoam Plates

The O.C.? What's that? When I first heard Plans, then Transatlanticism albums, I'd never even HEARD of that TV show, let alone watched an episode. But I was so enamored with the songs, and the lyrics that accompanied them that I went out to look for the old Death Cab for Cutie albums, just to see if they'd always been making music like that. and Happily, they did.

Now, that's a good thing, AND a bad thing. I realized last night at the DCFC concert at the Esplanade was that old or new, their songs all follow largely the same template; never mind whether they were indie or major label. And the problem for me during the concert was, thanks to my continuously listening to ALL their albums back to back, I could recognise all the songs, but I just couldn't recall the titles.

But what the heck am I complaining about. It was a great concert, and it was awesome hearing the songs sung live. I rediscovered so many songs I might have overlooked before (Styrofoam Plates has just been elevated to one of my top five DCFC songs), and had a great time singing along to my favorites.

Watching them play live was an experience as well. I've never been to a concert where I've paid attention to the lyrics quite as much as this much, and despite the somewhat er... slow pace of some of the songs, the energy emanating from the band was constant and unrelenting.

Ben Gibbard looked like he was twisting to his personal 'Let's Do The Twist' track the whole time, guitarist Chris Walla looked like Peter Crouch doing the robot, bassist Nicholas Harmer was the most hyper one on the stage, and it was brilliant watching the drummer Jason McGerr hammering away, especially during the last song Transatlanticism's brilliantly uplifting finale.

I never thought I'd say this, but that 5-minute intro to I Will Possess Your Heart is actually quite brilliant, especially when you see the four of them jamming on it live. In fact, some of my favorite parts during the concert was when there was no singing at all, just the four of them jamming and just playing music.

It was during moments like that where you got the feeling that this was a band that didn't care how many people came to watch them... all they want to do is to be on stage, playing their hearts out.


1. Bixby Canyon Bridge
2. The New Year
3. Why You'd Want To Live Here
4. Crooked Teeth
5. Photobooth
6. Long Division
7. Grapevine fires
8. A Movie Script Ending
9. Company calls
10. Title Track
11. Soul Meets Body
12. I Will Follow You Into The Dark
13. I Will Possess Your Heart
14. Cath
15. Styrofoam Plates
16. Expo 86
17. The Sound of Settling
18. Your Bruise
19. Title and registration
20. No Sunlight
21. Tiny Vessels
22. Transatlanticism

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